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Drama Prime Time Report (11/22~11/28)

The highlight this week once again, Kurashina Kana in the last batch of episodes of "Ojiichan wa 25-sai".
I just love her, I don't know why… x_x

The Prime Time Report is an overview of dramas and drama specials that have aired during the prime time and all of their competitors. The occasional 2-hour dramas that don’t belong to a drama series will get listed as well, but not their competitors if no other drama aired in that time slot, except for a few that have an interesting cast. In addition morning and noon dramas, if available, will be added to the report as often as possible. Some dramas and variety shows will also get featured with a couple of screencaps, but this is not going to happen on a regular basis.

Improvements and declines will get illustrated by several icons. The colors of the icons and numbers inside of them indicate how much the ratings have changed. Orange… almost no change / Red… ratings dropped / Green… ratings improved


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