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Haiyore! Nyaruko W 02-03: Monkey Business

That’s one way of explaining online dating.

I nearly laughed myself to death this week, I did not think anyone would have remembered Library Wars from back in the day when Impz still blogged, but apparently the production staff remembers love for it. However, I cannot help but be a little disappointed that the protectors of the Celano Library were squaddies with guns and not some dread guardian who drives intruders and interlopers MAD. I am not sure how to feel about Kuuko turning into a switch hitter it kind of dilutes her unabashed pursuit of Nyaruko a bit. If nothing else it kind of highlights how Kuuko and Nyaruko have so much in common. I was surprised that the Celano Library was still full of books and tomes, but I suppose that either the powers that be despise e-readers with a passion or they simply prefer their forbidden knowledge to be weighty and bound by the skins of unfathomable creatures.

Quite why Mahiro needs to know the exact age of Nyaruko and Kuuko is beyond me. They are both certainly older than him (Kuuko is definitely over 18 given that she went to adult section), so really what is a couple hundred years to their eons of existence? Nyaruko and Kuuko were decidedly classy in discussing the matter even if they had to use a headlock on Mahiro and restrained Hasta. Even if Mahiro tries to gauge their age with the “parfaits and hot guys” remark it’s doubtful that their desires would subside with time. I for one think that both of them have aged rather gracefully and no doubt when over 900 years Mahiro reach, look as good he will not. Besides Mahiro should have just asked Hasuta since they went to space elementary together.

I wonder how much more crap they are going to sneak passed the censors because whatever Hasuta was doing to Shanta-kun was kind of scary and probably made some folks GO MAD! Speaking of Hasuta his battle form is much more intimidating, still since Hasuta can manipulate physical form I wonder why Hasuta hasn’t taken the guise of a girl in an effort to overtake Nyaruko. Combat mode Hasuta was pretty awesome but alas because the monster of the week was poorly written the conclusion was a lot less visceral even if the pen proved to be mightier than Nyaruko’s ray gun.

Nyaruko is a malign deity after my own heart, we already had the Locker Gambit and now we have the end acceleration tactic. NOW THAT is how you secure a BEST END. One day I hope that Nyaruko will head a shipping war arms developer, I can think of a number of poor otome who really could have used some of Nyaruko’s fearless and inventive stratagems. Certainly the mass proliferation of Ruined for Marriage Lockers can only help the women find True Love.

Kuuko is definitely invading Mahiro to claim Nyaruko, what’s more interesting is that Nyaruko isn’t fighting back against Kuuko all that much. Perhaps Kuuko’s persistence had finally paid off and Nyaruko has finally lowered her defenses, that or Nyaruko is hoping that Kuuko will weaken Mahiro enough for Nyaruko to stake her claim.

Lastly I am glad that we finally cleared up those nasty rumors that Mahiro started about Luhi’s takoyaki. They are made of all Earth only ingredients, and no soylent green or MSG. Still the damage has been done and Luhi should seek restitution from Mahiro. Even if Mahiro cannot pay I am sure Yoriko will be able to make amends…

Next week has Tamao doing make up and Nyaruko is going Big Deity Hunting.

Apparently her many forms didn’t include that one.

Okay so how many of you just had your MIND BLOWN?

Mahiro thought he could circumvent the Forbidden Knowledge restrictions.

Good to see that some one on the staff like to Remember Love.

Kuuko is so HAWWWT.

Kuuko is intent on having a break out season.

I hope Luhi can build her own food truck empire.

What has been seen cannot be UNSEEN…

Anime convention?

Wait did we just go back to the future?

Nyaruko picked their names eons ago…

NOW THAT is an accessory.

Can we get a Kuuko spin off?

Kuuko is so hawt she shoots lightning.

I guess city busters are considered to be small arms by malign deities.


Too bad tree hugging scum…

Book thief…

That might take us a while your majesty.

Gohan was looking for work…

Nyaruko frowns upon tree-huggers.

Greedy ass tree-huggers…

To be fair the Saiyans were wiped out for bullying Hasuta.

Well that’s one way to dig for gold…

Typical hippie excuse, he probably was hitting the ganja too hard.

She makes it sound so innocent…


Apparently a pat on the back was not going to cut it.

Thanks for that one captain obvious.

Ah the draw backs of being the ACE.

Long live the KING!

Now your guys are dealing.

That’s going to leave a mark…

I take it that math was not a subject taken seriously in Space Elementary.

I think they could have made a better sales pitch by adding KAWAII DESU!

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

Too bad no Super Saiyan 2 for you!

I guess Tamao is still going for a Dark Horse end.

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