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Minami-ke Tadaima – 08: Veggie Tales…

Little did Natsuki know that a legion of Haruka fanboys were in a frothing RAEG.

Well I suppose the post for the older episodes can wait because it isn’t often that Hayami-sempai is the one on the wrong end of Hosaka. I am all for healthy eating but I think that the Headless Horseman is advancing some wicked vegan agenda. Nevertheless with less tourists heading to New England these days I suppose we should be glad that an otherwise unemployable tourist attraction has resurrected his career on a kids show. Still since the power of the Headless Horseman is most fell and dread I wonder why Kana seemed immune… After all if those powers of persuasion altered Hosaka why didn’t they alter Kana if mental obtuseness between them both is relatively the same? Perhaps the Headless Horseman was still getting the rust off his Jedi mind tricks?

Other than the Headless Horseman raking in money for Agri-business I wonder what the chances are of AtsukoxTouma. The latter seems rather intent of close contact while the former seems rather confused as to what she should make of it. Whatever happens I hope for the day when we hear Touma-kun starts using Atsuko nee-sama. Touma got a close encounter but I think Natsuki nearly started a war Haruka has many suitors and we all know that Mako-chan has the edge in the Hosaka vs. Natsuki. vs. Chiaki vs. Mako-chan fight. Hosaka still hasn’t said hello while Chiaki is easily bribed, Natsuki however sucks at girls and I think Mako-chan can make short work of him despite the protestations of Mako-chan being manly and cool. After going to a two piece bathing suit I don’t think even the onset of puberty can bring back Makoto. Thankfully for Hitomi, Natsuki didn’t get fed so there is hope for her yet.

As crazy dancing goes I guess whatever that was will have to do but maybe someday they will do the Bernie or the dreaded Harlem Shake. I think the curry song is still number one but between the barbecue song and the vegetable song I think Hosaka needs to release an album so fans everywhere can revel in is music. They may as well make those bad karaoke contests somewhat instructive on the merits of curry, barbecue, and vegetables. I still didn’t buy into bitter melon, that shit is gross no matter the song and beyond the powers of the Headless Horseman. Still why is there no love for broccoli? Did its unholy union with beef make it a pariah?


Always prepared, if only Hosaka could see them now…

Chiaki is easily bribed…

Damn I was hoping they would do the Bernie or Harlem Shake…

Can I get a Kira?

Well I guess after a while killing Ichabod Crane gets too stale…

Most terrifyingly of all she wishes to exceed the 2-3 servings per day suggestion…

That came out rather wrong…


So more organic…

Hayami forgot that you can make Vodka out of potatoes…

How the tables have turned…

Zeon will soon fall to a barrage of fiber, and Side 6 will soon be one massive Whole Foods.

I wonder if the thought of playing at a coffee house ever crossed Hosaka’s mind.

I take it that Pumpkin Pie is off the menu…

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