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Notes on Being an Adult: Where the Nine Hells Can I Find a Time Machine?

So yeah instead of focusing on a few addictions I picked up a new one…

So I am not really dead yet but I have managed to fall off the face of the Earth for the better part of two months now. No, I am not calling it quits but it seems that EO and Hana are having a merry old time sipping tea with the Queen of England. Hopefully they will be back soon, but I can’t fault them for no longer being starving students. Having finally achieved one year of full employment I thought I would have more time, but buying and renovating a house was more trouble than I had anticipated, and it didn’t help that my crappy car (my Kingdom for a Prius!) had two major breakdowns and as of this date still is in the shop (egregious home loan means that I cannot get a decent car loan without getting gouged). As problems go they aren’t insurmountable and hardly qualify as soul crushing, nevertheless I cannot wait to be rid of them. I wonder if there is really a way to balance work life and keep this place running, but I am still paying a hosting bill and have yet to figure out how to make the time to do much. Suffice to say there will likely be recruitment drive soon because there must be some college student out there who is looking to pass the time cheaply. Until then I suppose this will have to serve as a means to get the ball rolling again.

Being gainfully employed isn’t all bad though and it does mean that for once I will be able to attend Sakura-con in March and actually get the full AX experience for once. So far my limited foray into the convention circuit was Anime on Display in San Francisco which is one of those events that probably almost no one has ever heard of. Still it was a chance to meet with old comrades and start planning our convention schedules. Given how every anime con has a board game room it was only a matter of time before I gained another obsession and hence that modest starter collection that I amassed in three months. I would have gotten Settlers of Catan but my convention comrade already has a copy and between me and another trooper we have the 5-6 Player expansion and Cities and Knights (still it makes me vomit a little when the expansions cost as much as the core game…).

I bought Netrunner as a standalone game for myself but I swear Fantasy Flight Games will be the death of me. Not only did I get a second core set to be competitive I am also foaming at the mouth for monthly data packs. Rare chasing and money bag decks may be dead to me but for better or worse this LCG format has me in an endless cycle of tweaking and re-tweaking.

Star Wars is making a forceful comeback now that Lucas is recused himself from ruining it any further. The LCG is fairly interesting but the Miniatures games is addicting, the models look ace and I am willing to throw my money away for the Millennium Falcon, Slave I, A-Wing, and TIE Interceptor (because Wedge vs. Soontir Fel MUST HAPPEN). Also where is the Jek Porkins promo? If Biggs Darklighter gets a card then Porkins should get one too.

I finally finished my first Warhammer model in years and during the last meeting I challenged ExecutiveOtaku and R1CK_D0M to contest of mecha building. Hopefully as the first one to throw down the gauntlet they will both follow suit. R1CK_D0M has a Perfect Grade that needs to be completed but since I swore off new kits until I built the ones I had, I have to finish a couple High Grades. EO probably will have to finish another diorama soon.

With soul crushing unemployment far behind me now was a good a time in a long time to finish the things I started or at least bought. It only makes it worse when I contemplate my pile of unfinished videogames and yet another Fire Emblem game to get me into a more serious shipping mode, because Chihayafuru is lite on shipping and Hosaka has no shot at Haruka (thought I wonder if Hitomi and Natsuki can make it). I tell myself that every new year will be different and even if I will back slide later at least I have made some long overdue progress (also I now have Mako-chan to venerate).

So yeah tl;dr back to work or at least make the attempt…

Yeah I know I need to finish basing this one…

I kept the hood a nice shadow grey so that opponents can’t make lame red riding hood jokes while howling like a wolf (or rather whimpering like a puppy).

So for my next mecha non-GW project I will be working on this long forgotten model from a long forgotten movie.

Starting small this year, besides I was never rich enough to buy the Perfect Grades and Master Grades when I was a starving college freshman.

I will need to add a cloak and shield but after I get the whole thing painted or at least the rider.

A dragon is a dragon and even if it is the obsolete model at least it came cheap in 2007.

Posted on Thu, 21 Feb 2013 18:09:09 +0000 at http://www.thatanimeblog.com/?p=59286
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