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500K FIFA Coins FUT 16 Web App Available Now Coininfifa
Though EA announced the FUT web app would be available on September 17th, it is available right now. You can start your fifa 16 coins season now. However, we know that EA made a little change to FUT this year, so you may need to take a look to our advices first.
If you are not accessing the Web app, try later because many thousands of gamers are trying to access. If you can, login verification is a mandatory step before you can access the FUT Web App for FIFA 16. It is very easy to do it. Just enter on your Origin account and anable it. Then just confirm the email or sms they have sent to you, verify your FIFA Ultimate Team Secret question and answer and store your codes in a safe place.
If you are new to Ultimate Team, FUT Web App early access is not for you. Only gamers who have created a security question/answer on their consoles before August 1st 2015 are eligible to start the Web App now.
Besides the starter pack, you will get at least one welcome back pack. The amount of packs you get depends of your FUT 15 activity. It is like this with everyone. To pull a Messi or any other great player in the starter pack is virtually impossible. Don't dream with great cards because you will be disappointed. Welcome back packs are a slightly better but keep your expectations low.
If you want to buy packs you will need to use your few coins. You can only transfer FIFA Points on a console with EA Access or the retail version of FIFA 16. If you have EA Access for Xbox one, you will be able to transfer your FIFA 15 Points to FIFA 16 Points during the early access period.
Buy low, sell higher is more difficult in the first days than in the rest of the game because the cash flow in the market is very low. Be patient, as soon as the game is launched everything will change.
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