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Hello everyone, I'm mikeyjai
hello, time to start this off again.

My name is Michael, people call me Mikey, Mike, Anything with the M, I to the K E.

I love basketball, I mainly play the point guard role with my ball handles and court awareness.

I love to EAT! (I'm not obese). I also love tvb shows and korean variety shows like we got married.

BTW: you guys are awesome.
My name is kaka
I re-registered ... heehee :-P
如果能邊玩邊賺,你會有興趣嗎^^ zzb.bz/xwqhz Blush
a big salute to you Mikey for keeping the effort to make TAO available to us all.
re-registered too.
Thank you. Smile
sup sup peeps! the name's sprig. i am an actual newbie who just discovered this lil treasure of a site and am learning bout it. nice to meet u all. -bows-
S.P.R.I.G (Socially Psychotic Redneck In Gear). take my advice and just run cause if u piss me off, i hunt for ur balls and head. k?
I am new here and join this community for getting useful information and knowledge from other community members. I am a tourist and want to know some useful tips and some beautiful places of the world and want to find out good friends i found this community is highly interesting.
I found bestbustour very helpful for my next trip.
Hello Friends,I am newbie in this community.Hope you all are fine.I am working in a private collage.
I see some interesting topic so i join this community to share my opinion.Hope have a great time here.
hey and welcome! feel free to share your opinions
Welcome to this forum. Nice to meeting you my friend. Wish I will understand some excellent stuff here and also discuss my information with others. I have a huge interest in getting information and also like to share what I know. I hope all of you like to tell me about something in this forum.
Hello friends!
I’m a tourist guide and I used to travel different cities, states and countries of this world. If you people need any help about traveling than can ask from me. I’m here to reply you all.
Well it would be quite an impressive thing i am sure because generally when we get to experience it all certainly you get help which keeps things in order for you thousand island boat tours takes care of a lot.

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