As we sait that a solid object has a solved size and a fixed volume. Therefore, in a normal routine, we exprimer the amount ns a solid object in its mass. Such oui 5 kg sugar, 10 kg flour, 2 kg rice etc.

Vous lisez ce: 1 litre = 1 kilo

But thé fluid does not oui a resolved shape. Although over there is a definite volume. Therefore, oui we place the liquid in the vessel, cette takes that shape. Sauce soja we measure up amount de the fluid nous the basis du its volume. Such as 2 liters of milk, 5 liters of water, 2 liters de petrol etc.

Now the des questions arises what happens if the fluid is additionally measured as mass. You will it is in surprised that auto volume and mass of all liquids space not the same.


Example-1 one litre of calcul cream is equal à 540 gram.

Example 2 -One litre du ghee is not equal à 1 kg ns ghee. 1 Litre ghee is equal à 905 gram.

Example le 3 -One litre of Cooking Oil is equal à 910 gram.

General Perception

People generally think the 1 kg ns liquid is equal to 1 litre ns liquid. Once we go to thé market, conditions météorologiques ask the shopkeeper to give 1 kg of ghee marqué he provides 1 litre of ghee. Why so?

This confusion arises for entreprise benefits. Because seulement un 905 grams de ghee come in 1 liter ns ghee, but the price is taken equal venir 1 kg ns ghee, similarly the same wake up in other substances. Because the layman masculin knows the 1 kg ns water is equal to 1 liter de water, i m sorry is also scientifically correct.

Let nous now à savoir why this happens?

In the langue of science, the density ns every thing is equal to its massive divided passant par the le volume . While auto density de the fluid is less than solids. Difference in the density occurs périmé to various mass et volume ratio. Thé mass of objects peut faire equal jaune greater jaune lesser 보다 its le volume . Density spectacle the packing of mass in thé volume. Si less mass ns one substance in comparison of another substance is packed in a particular le volume then its thickness will be less than offered object et vice versa.

Litre v/s Kilogram

In thé metric system of SI( international System) units, liters and kilograms space both de nombreux units de measurement of any substance. A litre is a unit du volume, or space while a kilogram is a unit ns mass, representing a provided quantity du matter.

In 1901, the General conference on Weights and Measures characterized 1 liter ont the volume du exactly 1 kilogram ns water at pièce temperature. I.e. The litre is defined in terms de kilogram in 1795.

The conversion indigenous liters à kilograms would as such be very facile if all substances were identical to water. Instead, liquids vary in their density, or the amount ns mass tout de suite unit volume.

The au cas où unit ns volume is the cubic meter (m3), i m sorry is the volume occupied de a cube that actions 1 moyen on every side. This very super volume is not very convenient pour typical usage in a chemistry laboratory.A liter (L) is auto volume ns a dé that procedures 10 cm (1 dm) on each side. A liter is for this reason equal à both 1000cm3(10cm × 10cm × 10cm) et to 1 dm3.


Litre (l), also spelledliter, unit du volume in auto metric system, equal to one cubic decimetre (0.001 cubic metre). Native 1901 to 1964 auto litre was defined ont the volume ns one kilogram du purewaterat 4°C(39.2 °F) et standard atmospheric pressure; in 1964 auto original, present value to be reinstated.


Relative Density

As per the Wikipedia , relatif density du Specific gravity is the ratio of the density du a substance to auto density du a offered reference material. Specific gravity is virtually always measure with le respect to water at 4°C .

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If a substance’s relation amoureuse density is much less than 1 then it is less dense than auto given substance.

si greater 보다 1 then it is denser than auto given substance.

If the relative density is exactly 1 then thé densities are equal; the is, equal volumes of the deux substances have the very same mass.


Example-1 parce que le Water, relative thickness is 1 . So its une Kilogram is seulement equal to une Litre at 4°C.

i.e. In one litre bottle du Water components 1 kg .

Example – 2 à la Ghee, relative density is 0.905 and density is 0.905 kg/ Litre. Haricot de soja its value in kg is much less than litre.

Mass = Volume x Density

Mass = 1 Litre x 0.905 Kg/ Litre

Mass = 0.905 Kg = 905 gm.

Note tandis que to less thickness than water, ghee floats in water.

Similarly we peut faire find the branchement of est différent material si we sait its relative density

i.e. In une litre bottle of ghee contents 0.905 kg .

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Example – 3 for Mercury, relatif density is 13.5 and density is 13.6 kg/ Litre. Sauce soja its massive of mercure in kg ns one Litre Mercury

Mass= Volume cf Density

Mass= 1 Litre x 13.6 Kg/ Lt.

Mass = 13.6 Kg

i.e. In une litre bottle of mercure contents 13.6 kg .

Relative thickness Chart.

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Therefore, conditions météorologiques can now conclude that the mass of a liquid ( in kilogram) that floats in water is less than its volume ( in litre in litre. Similarly auto mass ns a liquid( in kilogram) which sink in water is better than its le volume ( in litre). Thus auto density of structure is less than later one.

Let’s uncover out

How many litre bottle is required to convoque one kilogram of mercure ?

2. Thé density ns honey is 1.45 kg/l at 20 °C. Find thé volume du honey in one kilogram bottle?