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3. Oz in a life time (Les héritiers)

We"ve to be tearing up end inspirational teacher-classroom dramas since Dead Poet"s Society,Mr. Holland"s OpusandLes Choristes. Once in a Lifetime softens and warms auto hearts du students indigenous a rough Parisian suburb with an eye-opening project on the Holocaust. Based on a true story. Trailer here.

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6. Das Misérables

This much-talked about film from Ladj Lyis probably thé most incendiary et controvertial drama to emerge from French cinéma since mathématiques Kassovitz"s La Haine.Trailer here.

8. What’s in a name (Le prénom)

Based nous the effective play de the very same name, this comedy relies nous sharp diolgue and an impeccable cast (Patrick Bruel, Valérie Benguigui, Charles Berling, Guillaume ns Tonquédec). A must-see for ventilateur of thé typical french movie where you have friends and family talking about politics et philospophy, laughing and crying ata dinner party. Trailer here.

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12. Delicatessen

In this one-of-a-kind comedy directed de Amélie"s blue jeans Pierre-Jeunet, meat i do not care so rarement that cette is used oui currency, occupants living over a delicatessen should depend on a menacingly étrange butcher (Jean-Claude Dreyfus) à la their supply. Marqué when a new tenant (Dominique Pinon) arrives and takes a job oui the building"s handyman, cette unknowingly steps into the butcher"s offer him oui the next meal! A premise that can not be further fromAmélie, but a visual sacrés (close-ups, use of colors, et odd camera angles), the will certainly remind elle ofyour favorite romantic dreamer, as well oui the cast: Dominique Pinon, Rufus, Ticky Holgado room among auto actors that show up in both films.Trailer here.


14. Periods (Les saisons)

There"s even something à la the la nature loving Francophiles the end there. Si you liked March of the Penguins jaune Disney"sEarth, you"ll be mesmerized passant par Jacques Perrin"s third documentary installment, followingWinged MigrationandOceans. Trailer here.

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