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Năm học: 2020-2021

Exercise 1: Choose the best answer

1. Jose had a hard time comparing the iPhone to lớn the Samsung phone because lớn him they were apples and oranges.

A. Containing too many technical details B. Very similar

C. Completely different D. Very complicated

2. Peter is the black sheep of the family, so he is never welcomed there.

A. A beloved member B. A bad & embarrassing member

C. The only child D. The eldest child

3. There"s a danh sách of repairs as long as

A. Your arm B. A pole C. Your arms D. A mile

4. I tried lớn talk khổng lồ her, but she was as high as a

A. Kite B. House C. Sky D. Wall

5. We"re over the! Who wouldn"t be? We"ve just won £1 million!

A. Planet B. Clouds C. Stars D. Moon

6. I"ve never really enjoyed going lớn the ballet or the opera; they"re not really my

A. Piece of cake B. Sweets & candy C. Biscuit D. Cup of tea

7. You never really know where you are with her as she just blows hot và cold.

A. Keeps going B. Keeps taking things

C. Keeps changing her mood D. Keeps testing

8. "Edwards seems lượt thích a dog with two tails this morning." - "Haven"t vou hear the news? His wife gave birth a baby boy early this morning."

A. Extremely happy B. Extremely disappointed

C. Exhausted D. Very proud

9. Thomas knows Paris like the back of his . He used to be a taxi driver there for 2 years.

A. Head B. Mind C. Hand D. Life

10. Josh may get into hot water when driving at full tốc độ after drinking.

A. Get into trouble B. Stay safe C. Fall into disuse D. Remain calm

11. You have khổng lồ be on your toes if you want khổng lồ beat her.

A. Pay all your attention to lớn what you are doing

B. Upset her in what she is doing

C. Get involved in what she is doing

D. Make her comply with your orders 

12. By appearing on the soap powder commercials, she became a name.

A. Housekeeper B. Housewife C. Household D. House

13. When his parents are away, his oldest brother

A. Knocks it off B. Calls the shots C. Draws the line D. Is in the same boat

14. Hearing about people who mistreat animals makes me go hot under the

A. Chin B. Collar C. Sleeves D. Vest

15. I know you are upset about breaking up with Tom, but there are plenty more

A. Horses in the stable B. Cows in the shed C. Tigers in the jungle D. Fish in the sea

16. I"ll have lớn go lớn the funeral of Ms. Jane, a of mine.

A. Heart khổng lồ heart B. Body toàn thân and soul C. Flesh and blood D. Skin and bones

17. When the kids asked him about his girlfriend, he"d go as red as a

A. Tomato B. Chili C. Strawberry D. Beetroot

18. What I"ve got khổng lồ say to lớn you now is strictly the record and most certainly not for publication, said the government official to the reporter.

A. Off B. On C. In D. At

19. I can"t give you the answer on the ; I"ll have to think about it for a few days.

A. Place B. Minute C. Scene D. Spot

20. Someone is going to lớn have lớn take responsibility for this disaster. Who is going khổng lồ ?

A. Foot the bill B. Carry the can C. Hatch the chicken D. Catch the worms

21. I am sure your sister will lend you a sympathetic when you explain the situation to lớn her.

A. Eye B. Ear C. Arm D. Finger

22. Unfortunately, the injury may keep him out of football . He may never play again.

A. For good B. Now và then C. Once in a while D. Every so often

23. The children were full of beans today, looking forward to lớn their field trip.

A. Eating a lot B. Hyperactive C. Melancholy D. Lively và in high spirits

24. John: "Oh, I forgot my girlfriend"s birthday last week." - Anne: “ ”

A. Not on your life B. So I guess you are in the doghouse again.

C. Sure, knock on wood. D. You really should get a life.

25. Sometimes in a bad situation, there may still be some good things. Try not lớn "throw out the with the bathwater".

A. Fish B. Duck C. Baby D. Child

Exercise 2: Choose the best answer

1. Wendy is on the horns of a dilemma: she just wonders whether khổng lồ go for a picnic with her friends or lớn stay at trang chủ with her family.

A. Unwilling khổng lồ make a decision B. Able khổng lồ make a choice

C. Eager to lớn make a plan D. Unready to trang điểm her mind

2. At every faculty meeting, Ms. Volatie always manages to lớn put her foot in her mouth.

A. Move rapidly B. Trip over her big feet

C. Fall asleep D. Say the wrong thing

3. If you are at a loose kết thúc this weekend, I will show you around the city.

A. Miễn phí B. Confident C. Occupied D. Reluctant

4. Thanks to her regular workouts and sensible diet she certainly strikes me as in the pink.

A. In absolute health B. In good health C. In clear health D. In extreme health

5. He was such a wet blanket at the các buổi tiệc nhỏ tonight!

A. He made people at the buổi tiệc ngọt wet through.

B. He spoiled other people"s pleasure at the party,

C. He bought a wet blanket to lớn the party.

D. He was wet through when going home from the party.

6. That the genetic differences make one race superior to another is nothing but a tall story.

A. Cynical B. Unbelievable C. Untrue D. Exaggeration

7. You should accept the Nokia sản phẩm điện thoại phone as a 16-birthday present from your parents delightedly. Don"t

A. Look gift horse in the mouth B. Buy it through the nose

C. Pull my leg D. Take it for granted

8. Failing khổng lồ submit the proposal on time was for Tom.

Xem thêm:

A. A real kick in the pants B. An xuất hiện and shut case

C. A shot in the dark D. A nail in the coffin

9. At first, no one believed she was a pilot, but her documents colour khổng lồ her statements.

A. Provided B. Got C. Borrowed D. Lent

10. Mr. Simpkims is the big in the company as he has just been promoted khổng lồ the position of Managing Director.

A. Bread B. Meat C. Cheese D. Apple

11. Shake a leg or you will miss the train.

A. Hurry up B. Slow down C. Watch out D. Put down

12. I"m going on business for a week, so I"ll be leaving everything

A. On your guards B. Up to your eyes

C. In your capable hands D. Under the care of you

13. My father hit the roof when he found that I"d damaged the car.

A. Was over the moon B. Burst with anger C. Went with the flow D. Kept his shirt on

14. I refuse to lớn believe a word of it; it"s a cock-and- story.

A. Hen B. Goose C. Bull D. Duck

15. William was as…as a cucumber when the harsh punishment was meted out to lớn him by the judge.

A. Cool B. Cold C. Placid D. Impassive

16. One way to let off after a stressful day is to take some vigorous exercise.

A. Cloud B. Tension C. Steam D. Sweat

17. I wish you"d vì chưng the accounts. I don"t have for numbers.

A. A head B. A mind C. The heart D. The nerve

18. He sent his children to lớn the park so that he could have some

A. Fresh và quiet B. Quiet và peace C. Peace and quiet D. Fresh and peace

19. I think the main problem in this area is the lack of a good bus service.

- You"re right. You"ve hit the on the head.

A. Nail B. Wall C. Lips D. Hand

20. She is walking on the . She doesn"t know how khổng lồ say.

A. Air B. Road C. Street D. Garden

21. When you bởi something, you should

A. Pay through the nose B. Turn over a new leaf

C. Weigh up the pros & cons D. Huddle into a pen

22. Someone who is inexperienced is

A. Red B. Blue C. đen D. Green

23. The year-end các buổi tiệc nhỏ was out of this world. We had never tasted such delicious food.

A. Enormous B. Terrific C. Strange D. Awful

24. The nominating committee always meet behind closed doors, lest its deliberations become known prematurely.

A. Privately B. Safely C. Publicly D. Dangerously

25. She"s so……; you really have to lớn watch you say or she"ll walk out of the room.

A. High & dry B. Prim and proper C. Rough and ready D. Sick & tired

Exercise 3: Choose the best answer

1. Lượt thích everyone else, Sue has her….of course but on the whole, she"s quite satisfied with life.

A. Ups và downs B. Ins và outs C. Safe và sound D. Odds và ends

2. Peter is working in an office. He"s a white-worker.

A. Collar B. Sleeve C. Shirt D. Button

3. When confronted with a mass of….tape, many people feel a sense of powerlessness.

A. Red B. Green C. Xanh D. Brown

4. Although they are important, these visible expressions of culture, which are taught deliberately và learned consciously, are only the…of the iceberg of culture.

A. Ship B. Rid C. Tone D. Tip

5. I"m…my brother is.

A. Nowhere near as ambitious as B. Nothing near as ambitious as

C. Nowhere like so ambitious as D. Nothing as ambitious as

6. I felt a bit…and seemed lớn have more aches and pains than usual.

A. Out of sorts B. On the mend C. Over the worst D. Under the fevers

7. Man: "I heard you have a part in the school play tonight." Woman: "Yes, và I"m on…and needles."

A. Bins B. Pins C. Tins D. Rins

8. I"m really feeling under the …today; I have a terrible cold.

A, weather B. Climate C. Storm D, cloud

9. George ha….; he loves cakes, chocolate, ice=cream-anything which is sweet.

A. A sweet mouth B. Sweet lips C. A sweet tooth D. A sweet tongue

10. The political candidate knew the issue was a hot …, so he deferred to lớn his chief of staff, who directed questions to the committee chairperson.

A. Tomato B. Potato C. Pot D. Dog


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