Regional differences in france & Italy: bienvenue chez das Ch’tis & Benvenuti al Sud

In 2008 when bienvenue chez das Ch’tis to be released in France, it was an instant success. Thé plot focuses on the manager of la Poste in Salon-de-Provence, who is transferred to Bergues in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais an ar and all the an unfavorable stereotypes about thé north de France, i.e. It’s always rainy et cold, the toutes les personnes are poor, ignorant et backwards, they speak a étrange dialect of french called ch’ti, etc. This film is now the most successful français movie ever et Italy has just released your remake of the film, with one principale difference – the henchmen character lives close to Milan and is transferred to the south, à a small town near Naples. Essentially auto same an adverse stereotypes exist à la people in thé south ns Italy oui for the north de France, consisting of the bizarre dialect the the henn character has trouble understanding (Napoletano).

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These movies space great pour language enthusiasts venir learn about accents, dialects and cultural differences within the same country. Auto French language jaune French culture doesn’t mean auto same thing all over in france because ce just depends nous where elle are in thé country, i beg your pardon is true de every country and every language. Je speak American English but I certainly don’t sound favor someone indigenous Alabama. Even if we tous speak auto same language, nous really don’t. Cible in thé end these comedies are about tolerance et discovering that personnes are people, regardless of differences in lare or cultistes or language.

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Another interesting visage is the translations into English de the original French film. (I haven’t discovered English translations for the Italian cinématicien yet.) Obviously the translations cannot be précis when taking care of puns jaune words the sound similar in French marqué do no in English. Usually auto English translate into just ajouter sh- to auto beginning ns words. However, thé scene about auto misunderstanding ns siens and chiens (his and dogs) becomes fish and office in English. Here are thé trailers ns the two film in their d’origine language, v English subtitles pour the français film:

Allociné has thé Benvenuti al Sud trailer with subtitles in french if elle want to par rapport the two languages. Several agrafe are additionally available nous Youtube, including Dany Boon’s cameo.

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The American réforme will supposedly involve both will Smith et Steve Carell. The plot will essentially be thé same, through a southerner being transferred to the north (North Dakota) instead of near the sunny coast (Hawaii).

Benvenuti al sud will be exit in france on November 24 (hopefully sub-titled et not dubbed!)