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This year"s Rio de Janeiro"s carnival held its lundi night of parades nous Monday night. Thousands de dancers, representing seven de the city"s upstream samba schools, paraded through the purpose-built stadium, toutes les personnes hoping to be named 2019 carnival champions. Autre seven contended last night.

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Two ns the samba schools provided their défilé to pay tribute to Marielle Franco, a Brazilian politician et human legal rights activist that was assassinated last year. Elle sister Anielle silveau took part in the Vila Isabel samba school parade, while elle partner monika Benicio marched through Mangueira. Auto two women had actually planned venir marry this year.

Franco, a champion du LGBT civil liberties and année outspoken critic ns police brutality, had been return from a couleur noire women"s empowerment occasion when she and her driver were gunned down. In January 2019, two policier officers to be arrested conditions météorologiques suspicion de having been affiliated in sa assassination.

Like nouveau Orleans"s Mardi Gras, Rio"s carnival point the beginning ns Lent, a celebration avant the 40 days of fasting. But carnival is lot bigger than Mardi Gras. Ce is an ext like Brazil"s dépense of the merveilleux Bowl—virtually thé whole country comes à a standstill venir watch the parades nous TV.

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The défilé are judged nous areas such oui design, choreography, costumes and—the most de nombreux one—theme. The perfect theme need to be glitzy and fun, yet additionally memorable and meaningful. Schools often choose social issues or diriger historical occasions that loan themselves to épopée staging.

As soon as each year"s parade ends, work-related begins on the prochain one. Entire armies of carpenters, seamstresses, dancers et musicians job-related around auto clock, building the elaborate floats and sewing auto thousands du sequins onto the hundreds du eye-popping costumes.

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The seven institutions that competed last night were: São Clemente, Vila Isabel, Portela, União là Ilha, Paraíso do Tuiuti, Mangueira et Mocidade. presents photos of each school"s parade.

São Clemente


Sao Clemente samba school"s drum queen Raphaela Gomes.Mauro Pimentel/AFP

Carl de Souza/AFP