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Once upon a time, at 47 Boulevard aux l’Hôpital, is where we start our story. Inside the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital lived a girl who dropped asleep, et could never ever before dream.

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Sorry, I matin getting ahead de myself, this is not where we start the histoire – well cette kind ns is – ce is a au sens propre complicated. Let je start again...


Once dessus a time, at 47 Boulevard aux l’Hôpital, 30 meter under thé Salpeterier Hospital in the old quarries de Paris, resides a little dinosaur that has auto complete opposite problem than thé girl above, parce que le he have the right to not ever fall asleep, cible has rêves constantly.


It is a état that wasn"t without its difficulties, as one can imagine when they deserve to not tell reality native fiction, ce caused that a beaucoup of problems. Take, à la instance, that time he dreamt that hey was crowned a King; hey felt majestueux in his royaliste throne...


...but the rêver swiftly deteriorated right into a nightmare, and the plush une addition throne was changed with bones, et he discovered himself no longer a King, but the Emperor of Death.

The dreams and adventures weren’t too bad... True lock left him disorientated and confused, but when they no scary, they can be wild, et it feel electric!

He might spend tous day play fetch. Hey loved to phat in the long corridors. True ce made the tired, but he can never nap ne sont pas matter comment hard cette tried.

On his birthday cette would ont a delicious doubs layer cranberry ginger upside-down cake. The only problem is in his dreams it was his date of birth every day.

Once hey ate sauce soja much that his belly grew haricot de soja big, his feet couldn"t touch thé floor. Cette felt fairly sick and had to wait 3 days avant he can walk again.

He never did understand war. He had never mettre anyone else, so hey couldn’t fairly comprehend auto concept. Within one’s own dérange was a different fight though. Hey was at war with his subconscience, and he no winning.

“I matin sure si only ns could find auto perfect bed,” the précis dinosaur said, “then i could ultimately shake this insomnia and rest mien head”. Lucidly he drifted v his surroundings, his fractured dreams slowly compounding.

The wind rushed through his hair as his tongue was flapping out the side du his mouth. For a moment, all of his dargousier was wash away oui the dragon take it him on his back et soared through auto catacombs at a ferocious speed.

In his mind"s eye, he could see all of his family and friends. Everyone that had ever before meant anything venir him flashed before his eyes. Climate in a fleeting moment, lock were toutes les personnes gone. Cette charged his glass et made a toast venir them all, but before he perfect his drink, hey couldn"t mental why hey started. Sleep deprivation had actually kicked in, and his storage was fading fast.

Sometimes hey found self aimlessly go through the walls ns the catacombes, but he quit doing cette after cette bumped into someone who got stuck antérieur à they got toutes les personnes the method out.

Once, he was so tired cette dreamt increase a train to help him navigate the longue corridors ont they broadened beyond thé reaches ns his little legs. Cible no matter thé rest, hey was calmer tired tous the time.

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The au sens propre dinosaur rêves about walking to auto surface... Jaune did he marche there in a rêver once before? si one doesn’t sleep, cible dreams nevertheless, is it still a dream? regardless he rêver about no dreaming et if people dream on the surface.

“My eyelids spike moi like the blades de a thousand saws, please, i implore that je be granted sleep oz more” hey would parlez the Sandman, that is, if only he could uncover him. Hey was sure he must live in thé quarries, cible no matter how tarif he searched, hey was nowhere to be seen.

Wandering through thé galleries, "tit Saucice felt fully numb. He couldn"t remember thé last time hey napped et the sleep deprivation had devoured his senses. Perhaps if hey could couper himself, cette could snap out of this waking dream. Hey reasoned that if cette bleeds, hey could once again feel.

After reading about shooting star in a children"s book; the signification littérale dinosaur ventures outside aller stargazing. He was so excited his skin began sparking et he had to return underground. He never witnessed a shoot star, cible he delighted in his pilgrimage regardless.

These pipes must be feeling my body, cette though inspecting thé blue tube, jaune are lock draining it? hey shuddered—how did i end increase here?

Now days without sleep, each time hey blinks his eyes, ce feels favor a thousand shards du glass are stabbing the in auto eyes. The damgussese is unrelenting, and he starts to weep. "What need to I à faire to loss asleep?" he sobs.

He knew cette had to keep moving. "One football in front of the other." petit Saucice repeated to himself oui he trundled along thé corridors.

No sooner than hey had gone ne sont pas more 보다 a few turns, cette could hear musique echoing from auto wall. Have you ever before heard musique on auto street et never recognized where cette came from? Maybe auto answer is under her feet. Maybe it was a "tit Saucice play the double bass with Serge and Jane in a sous-sol, cave filled through candles et bottle caps.

He was sauce soja tired of being tired, so hey mustered increase the final remaining strength inside his body et tried to fall asleep. Hey closed his eyes et started venir weep, but as he wearily opened them, his vue was red. What cette mistook à la tears, to be in fact blood.

How long had it been since cette last took a nap? he couldn"t yes, really tell, at this mettre en ordre in time cette couldn"t also remember thé last time he was important asleep. He focused his energy nous keeping his heart within his body, marqué even the was a struggle sometimes.

He followed auto sound du the water oui the corridor opened into a room with a énormément staircase top to... "It can"t be..." cette thought to himself, "Surely this isn"t the fountain of dreams?" cette had imagined a flow waterfall; cette was nothing much more than seulement a drip. Regardless hey uses the last du his strength à jump increase onto the rim and settles himself, caboose first, into the basin. Thé water washed end himself, and he fell into a peaceful dream.

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The dream was haricot de soja vivid, hey could see thé sky, he could feel the frais breeze nous his skin. For one fleeting moment, hey felt lively again. He drew a deep breath du the fragrant aviation and exhaled slowly. But oui he did, his corps went limp, ont if hey was blowing auto last du his strength out of his muscles. Cette lost consciousness and came crashing down in a dizzying array, his head slammed conditions météorologiques the cold, damp catacombs floor... No a gram de energy left in his body. The fountain of dreams, his elixir du health, to be nothing more than un autre dream.