Is thé messaging service interface provided passant par Facebook totally in English? This article will démontrer you step passant par step how to échanger facebook language Messenger indigenous English to Spanish.

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Many société networks oui evolved end time, implementing instant messaging services that allow much more direct la communication between users.

Among this is the social network sur facebook which launched its messaging service called Facebook cats in its beforehand days in 2008.

This messaging service was later on renewed as année app, separating it from the main facebook app and naming ce Facebook Messenger.

This app allows users du the social network venir send text et voice annonces to each other, oui well oui to set up automatically replies on sur facebook Messenger . In addition, cette allows individual et group video calls.

Another du its main attractions is the création of couteau groups à share messages, images or videos with multiple individuals simultaneously.

It even allows businesses et users à interact conditions météorologiques its platform venir track purchases jaune customer prestations de service communications.

All ns these features oui made sur facebook Messenger one of the most renowned messaging services in auto world with over 1,3 exchange rate users.

Here are the steps à set up auto language for this popular messaging prestations de service app.

Change the langue of facebook Messenger from the téléphone mobile, téléphone portable application


Mobile application Facebook Messenger is available pour download in stores conditions météorologiques different platforms such than Android, iOS et Windows Phone.

You can additionally visit the facebook Messenger official website venir download auto application and install it on the device du your choice. You can also create her own room to communicate with divers users dessus video conferences.

In some cases, cette happens that thé default language in i m sorry the app is shown is English, because ce is the la norme language.

In this case, elle will watch that auto buttons and notifications displayed par the applications are in English, cible this does not influence the heureux of un message sent par other users.

The sur facebook Messenger app doesn't oui a language section in auto settings options, so you ont to change it in thé Facebook applications itself.

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To faire this, Sign into your account and access thé menu par pressing thé button in thé upper right edge identified passant par three lines.

Scroll down to thé Privacy setups option and select the language section. Finally, select Spanish et wait a few seconds à la the changes venir be made.

Once you reconnect à your session Facebook Messenger at native your téléphone mobile, téléphone portable device amie will watch buttons and advertisements in Spanish.

It is significativement to couvert that si you are using année iPhone or iPad, you can set your device's language to Spanish from normal settings.

This way auto downloaded applications are displayed par default in Spanish, si it is accessible in the language, enter this sur facebook Messenger.

Change the langue of sur facebook Messenger from thé web


If thé interface du your facebook account, et therefore its messaging service, is shown entirely in English, ce is necessary à make adjustments in thé configuration.

This happens in details with accounts developed in the early years ns Facebook, if the social network was seul in English.

To change it, access your sur facebook account from your favori browser. Doux the arrowhead icon that is right suivant to the help switch in the top ideal corner.

There, select the loption Parameters , in English settings. Oz the à côté de loads again, amie will check out the option available conditions météorologiques the left side.

Tap thé link Language et region and change the language in the language section of sur facebook from English venir Spanish, wait a few seconds et go back venir the page daccueil section.

This way tu will see auto buttons presented both nous the web et in the Facebook et Messenger applications entirely in Spanish.

Follow these step-by-step references to change the langue of facebook Messenger et enjoy communicating easily through your contacts.

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