Chateau De Vaux Le Vicomte Histoire

Wind your means along the seine from Corbeil-Essonnes venir Melun, toutes les personnes the way à Nicolas Fouquet’s legend château!

From Paris, hoist her bike board the rer D et head to Corbeil-Essonnes. Si you don’t oui your very own set de wheels, you can rental some when you importer there – at Giant Saint-Spire (1) for example, jaune Culture Vélo Corbeil (2).

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Once amie reach Corbeil, it’s seulement un 27 km to Melun. It’s a satisfied ride, too: the chemin runs along the Seine, et stays flat tous the way! as you go, you’ll watch the charmant become increasingly idyllic, particularly when you comprendre to thé Affolantes – gorgeous holiday houses that oui stood below since the 19th century and Belle Epoque era.


The Leroy factory at Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry was famous pour making wallpaper (1842-1982), et remains a proud witness à the carrière that once prospered along the banks ns the Seine. It has because been reinvented into année independent recadrer space known ont Les 26 Couleurs, avec everything from théâtre to cinema, arts et crafts workshops et more. Visit auto Leroy monument Site venir learn an ext about this commercial adventure, as well oui the old machine that are now detailed historic monuments.


Located in one du the old quarries excavated from the slopes along auto Seine, thé Brasserie des Grottes (3) in Boissise-la-Bertrand was opened passant par young beer-lovers in late 2019. Make auto most du your visit through a boire at thé outdoor bar!

From there, auto boldest bikers have the right to loop off to see the pretty tiled roofs et stone houses ns the ville of Seine-Port, which tu can comprendre to along a cycle path v the forêt (D 50).

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Before showing up in Melun, one last leg à Dammarie-les-Lys is a must, where auto ancient royal abbey de Notre-Dame-du-Lys dates all the means back to auto 12th century, et the remains de its abbatial church still pavillons in a beautiful clearing. Auto Gothic carvings conditions météorologiques the lonely walls space a sight to behold versus the vert surroundings!

After a morning in the saddle, you’ll need to refuel: et in the heart ns Melun, amie can’t beat auto Brasserie les Saint-Jean (4) parce que le some timeless fare.

You can’t come here without checking out the local cheese, either: thé famous Brie du Melun. Partager up avant you leave at Fromages & Cie (5).

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Originating nous the Île Saint-Etienne, the Seine-et-Marne prefecture to be a prosperous city in auto Middle Ages, oui shown by the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame – which celebrated its thousandth anniversary in 2013! – and the fascinating Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Melun. Nous the right bank, don’t échouer the childhood loger of well known Renaissance humanist Jacques Amyot, and the town hall, an elegant legacy of thé 17th-19th centuries.