Ryanair 2021 package Allowance

If you’re travelling through Ryanair on an upcoming flight, here’s everything elle need to à savoir about her Ryanair package allowance, restrictions, fees and charges.

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Ryanair Cabin Baggage

As ns November 1st, 2018, Ryanair’s baggage policy has actually changed. Seul priority boarding passengers will be permitted à take une small bag (40cm cf 20cm cf 25cm), concéder a larger cabin bag (55 cf 40 cf 20cm) with a haute weight allowance du 10kg into the cabin free ns charge.

Non-priority client can seul bring une small bag (40cm cf 20cm x 25cm), that must ajuster into auto sizer. If non-priority customers want à bring a lundi bigger bag, they deserve to purchase a lower cost 10kg check-in bag at the time du booking online. It must it is in checked-in at thé airport bag drop desk, prior to reaching airplane security.

If amie are a non-priority customer et have no already added a 10kg bag à your booking, but would choose to, you can purchase une at auto airport bag drop workdesk for an extra fee.

Duty-free les poches are allowed in thé cabin together with your cabin baggage.

Please note: over there is at this time conflicting informations regarding gift able to take Trunki hand luggage on oui cabin baggage. Cette is best to communication Ryanair directly concerning this.

Need venir purchase a an ideal hand luggage caisse for your upcoming flight? We recommend this, available conditions météorologiques Amazon, ont they room approved de most airlines.


Baggage TypeSize RestrictionsWeight Allowance
Cabin Baggage40cm voir 25cm cf 20cm
Cabin package (If paid pour priority) 55cm x 40cm cf 20cm10kg
Checked Baggage81cm voir 119cm voir 119cm10kg or 20kg
Excess Baggage81cm cf 119cm voir 119cm32kg


Ryanair checked Baggage

Each passenger deserve to purchase up to 3 checked bags of 20 kilos. These deserve to be purchase either when making the initial booking jaune can be added to a booking up venir 2 hours before the booked flight leave time.

Checked les poches are charged effronté person, per une way flight et prices vary depending on the route et travel dates. Greater baggage fees of €40 per person/per one way flight apply when checked le sac are to buy after the stade précoce booking. Greater baggage fees also apply as soon as checked bags are purchased par a Ryanair appel centre, at airport ticket desks, during peak periods and on selected routes.

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Ryanair package Fees

Online PricePost Booking/Airport
Priority & 2 Cabin Bags€/£6 venir €/£20€/£6 to €/£20
Checked Bag€/£25€/£40-€/£50
Excess baggage Fee (per kg)N/A€11 / £11
Fee for Special Declaration de Valuable BaggageN/A€50 / £50
Infant/child equipment (car, booster, take trip cot)€15 / £15€20 / £20
Bike€60 / £60€75 / £75
Large des sports item€55 / £55€65 / £65
Sports equipment€35 / £35€40 / £40
Ski equipment€45 / £45€50 / £50
Golf clubs€30 / £30€40 / £40
Musical instrument€50/ £50€65 / £65

Ryanair overabundance Baggage

If your checked bag weighs much more than 10kg jaune 20kg (depending nous which you have booked), you peut faire purchase excess package up venir a maximum of 32kg and this can seul be to buy at auto airport ticket desk. Overabundance baggage will be charged at £11 revenir kg.

Ryanair Sporting Equipment et Musical Instruments

Passengers peut faire check-in sporting equipment et musical instruments ont hold luggage, alongside divers checked baggage, ont long oui it does no exceed 20kg or 30kg parce que le bikes.

The fee parce que le these items arrays from £35-£60 per item, une way, booked online jaune £40-£75 une way, booked at thé airport. Prices vary depending nous the item in question.


My baggage – Airline package Alternative

Ryanair is an undeniably affordable travel option si you space travelling through a petit amount de luggage offseason. However, si you marche above the weight allowance, booking package at thé airport or travel throughout peak periods, elle may visage considerable charges.

Thankfully, that’s where My Baggage comes in.

My Baggage allows you venir ship a fixé 30kg/66lbs per suitcase or bag at fantastic court rates. You’ll also oui the loption to pay extra pour even heavier pantalon if amie need to, and you can ajouter as plenty of items ont you like à your booking. Shipping luggage with my Baggage enables you to bring more with tu than si you to be relying on a couple of checked pieces du luggage.

My Baggage gives a good low-cost alternative to airline baggage, with fast and convenient luggage shipping which enables you venir travel hands-free. It means you’ll conserve yourself some time at auto airport when you don’t oui to inspect in your bags, no waiting about at luggage carousels on the différent side et ultimately, one less thing to worry around whilst amie travel. Venir give tu that extra peace ns mind, ma Baggage supplies £100 free commensal cover nous every simple shipment, which deserve to be increased right up to auto value ns £1000 si you wish. La communication our customer support team si you oui any questions!

Book online et My Baggage will collect your luggage and deliver cette quickly et safely venir where cette needs venir go. Oui well as providing a trusted door venir door service, my Baggage provides luggage tracking, SMS et email notifications the entire way through. Conditions météorologiques also ship to over 200 countries worldwide! à find out more, visit our luggage shipping page.

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