This éléments will help in you avoiding année unsuccessful outcome for your Indian e-Visa app so that tu can use with confidence and your trip to inde can be problem free.

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If you follow thé steps outlined below, then auto probability du rejection pour your Indian passeport Online application will it is in minimised. Elle can apply à la Indian Visa app here.

know requirements pour Indian e-Visa jaune (Indian visa Online)

Its considérable to first understand the essential requirements for Indian e-Visa avant we learn around common causes ns rejection et tips to avoid them. Also though the requirements are fairly simple, a small percentage of applications for Indian visa Online are still rejected.

Essential requirements for année Indian e-Visa are:

auto passport must be année Ordinary Passport (that is not main Passport or Diplomatic Passport or Refugee Passport jaune Travel documents of any est différent kind) that is valid pour 6 (six) month at the time du entry. tu will require a valid payment technique (like Debit jaune Credit card or PayPal) et a valid email ID

elle can read much more about Indian Visa document Requirements here.

here are the top 17 Reasons for Indian e-Visa rejection et tips to avoid lock

Hiding criminal background: Hiding your criminal history, yet minor in your application for Indian e-Visa. If you try venir hide this fact from auto Indian Immigration authority in your india Visa virtual application, your applications is likely to volonté rejected.

Not providing full name: This is a common mistake and easily avoidable marqué unfortunately is a major reason parce que le vast num of Indian e-Visa rejections. Tu must carry out your name, surname et your middle name, if you oui one. Faire not usage initials or skip center names. Example Tony r Baker jaune Tony Baker instead du Tony cheval Baker ont shown in thé passport.

Passport expiring soon: her Passport is not valid à la 6 month at the time du entry.

Insufficient Funds: Indian Immigration gouvernement can questioning you à prove that you oui enough accumulation to appui your remain in India. Failure à provide this informations could an outcome in Indian e-Visa rejection.

Information Mismatch: In addition à not offering your surname exactly ont mentioned in her passport, si you do a failure in one ns the passport fields conditions météorologiques the Indian e-Visa Application, climate your application can it is in rejected. Sauce soja take special treatment when pour it until it is full up de nombreux fields like passport number, date of birth, place de birth, country de passport etc.

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Incorrect reference from loger country: Indian e-Visa app requires a recommendation or la communication from your country de passport or page daccueil country. This is compelled in caisse of emergency. Si you are année Australian citizen living in Dubai or Singapore parce que le the last couple of years et intending to visit India, you encore need venir provide reference from Australia et not Dubai or Singapore. A reference have the right to be one of your family members members or friends.

Lost old passport: You ont applied à la a new Visa to India et you ont lost your old passport. Si you use for an Indian e-Visa due to the fact that you perdu your old passport elle will be asked venir provide a perdu passport police report.

Missing Letter from thé Hospital à la e-Medical visa . A clean letter nous Hospital letterhead is required from the Hospital parce que le the treatment/procedure/surgery pour the pady applying pour e-Medical Visa.

Missing entreprises card: Indian e-Visa applications for business requires one of two people a business card or at auto very least, an email autographiés showing entreprise name, designation, email address et phone number. Part applicants inadvertently carry out photocopy du Visa/Mastercard debit card, but this is incorrect.

You oui recieved your Indian e-Visa cible can encore be refuse entry

si you ont received your india e-Visa with thé Granted status, also then over there is a possibilty that tu could it is in prevented from travelling and denied entry into India. Some ns the factors include:

issued Indian e-Visa native Indian Immigration gouvernement does not rencontre the details conditions météorologiques your passport. You à faire not oui 2 empty or blank pages in your passport required à la stamping at the airport. Note that you faire not require any type of stamping at Indian Consulate jaune Indian Embassy.

final remarks nous Indian e-Visa

u à avoid rejection of your Indian e-Visa application, amie need to be aware de a couple of details. Si you still have questions please write à info
evisa-india.org.in jaune apply here à la Indian Visa application for a simple, streamlined and guided app process for applying pour Indian visa Online.

Ensure the you ont checked the eligibility pour your inde e-Visa.

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United claims citizens, uk citizens, Australian citizens et German citizens can apply online for India eVisa.