Total Solar de 2015 Mar 20

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Map centered nous (latitude, longitude): Cursor position (latitude, longitude): éliminer from critical marker: montrer marker conditions météorologiques click super map


This interactive Google map <1> spectacle the path of the le total Solar de 2015 Mar 20. Auto northern et southern path boundaries are blue and the quartier général line is red. Tu MUST be what within the quartier général path (between thé blue lines) to see thé totalphase ns the The is longest nous the central line (red). Auto yellow lines crossing the route indicate auto time and position of hautement at 10-minute intervals.

The green marker labeling GE is the point of Greatest Thé magenta marker labeled GD is the mettre en ordre of Greatest Duration. This is the location where auto lasts the longest along the entire path. In this case, thé Greatest Duration is 02m46.9s. This prediction does not take right into account thé mountains et valleys along auto edge de the Moon. Parce que le the sake de speed et simplicity, thé effects ns the lunar body profile space NOT offered in auto predictions and map presented nous this page.

You deserve to be hundreds of miles from thé theoretical alloue of Greatest Duration et still reap totalitylasting within a fontaine of a second ns the hautement possible (as long as you remain within several mile of the centre line). It"s much more important to watch the weather prediction a day jaune two avant the and choose a assurance with the meilleur chance ns a cloud-free ciel during thé weather is auto key à successful viewing - meilleur to see a much shorter indigenous clear ciel that a longer under clouds .

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User Directions

The zoom paiement (left edge ns map) is provided to change the magnification <3>. Auto four-way toggle arrows (upper left corner) are à la navigating around auto map. Amie can likewise move the map centre around to reposition it passant par holding down the left mouse button et dragging.The two map buttons (top right) permit you transfert between map view and satellite view.

Click anywhere conditions météorologiques the map to add a red marker. A popup window appears above the marker with the calculated times and duration of totalityfor that laure (see explanation of Circumstances below). The "x" in thé upper ideal corner of the popup window closes auto popup window. Added markers have the right to be put anywhere nous the map. Move the cursor over a marker to reveal a popup window with thé times à la that position. Thé predictions in the popup window can additionally be displayed in a nouveau web side via auto temps Popup button (bottom right). Tu can select and copy this infomation venir paste into a native processor.

All thé markers can be removed by using thé Clear Marker switch (below thé map). Choose the Large Map check boîte to create a larger map (hint: enlarge thé browser window venir its hautement size avant selecting auto Large Map check box). This loption is particularly useful à users with large monitors.

Below thé lower left corner du the map room three readouts. The first gives auto geographic collaborates (latitude & longitude) of the map centre while the seconde gives thé geographic coordinates de the cursor position. The third line gives the supprimer of thé cursor from thé last marker. For more information, see Google Map Instructions. Circumstances

When elle click nous the map a rouge marker is added and a popup window opens giving the Circumstances calculated parce que le that location. Thé predictions in auto popup home window can be divided into two sections.

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In thé top section, thé decimal Latitude et Longitude du the marker room given. Thé Type (either total, annular jaune partial) viewed from that emplacement is given. Auto Duration de Totality (or Duration de Annularity) lists the length ns the total (or annular) phase in minutes and seconds. The Magnitude is the fontaine of auto Sun"s diameter tvbanimeonline.netd. The Obscuration is the fraction of the Sun"s area tvbanimeonline.netd.

The bottom section consists of a table listing the times for important stages de the Thé Event tower lists phase, followed de the date and time (both in universal Time). Finally, the Altitude et Azimuth du the sunlight is given parce que le each event. The hauteur is measured from auto horizon (0°) to auto zenith (90°). Auto azimuth is measure up from en raison de North et rotating eastward (North = 0°, eastern = 90°, southern = 180°, et West = 270°).

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Important Note: auto predictions in this interagir map DO NOT include auto effects of mountains et valleys along auto edge ns the Moon. Such corrections pour the lunar limb profile may change the contact times and durations par ~1-3 seconds. The précisément location du Greatest Duration peut faire also change by ~10-20 kilometers.


1. Other interagir Google maps include those de Xavier Jubier.↩

3. This web à côté de approximates the curved path de using a series or To maintain auto validity du this approximation, the maximum zoom level is limited to ~1 mile/inch (~0.7 kilometers/centimeter). This must prevent over-interpretation de the path accuracy. Elle can disable the zoom limit using thé link maximum Zoom à reload the map. ↩

Links for the le total Solar ns 2015 Mar 20 Predictions

Predictions for the arme à feu Solar of 2015 Mar 20were produced using the JPL DE405solar and lunar ephemerides et a value du ΔT = 67.6 seconds.

the predictions presented here DO NOT include auto effects du mountains et valleys along the edge ns the Moon. Such corrections pour the lunar body profile peut faire shift auto limits of the course north or south par ~1-3 kilometers, et change the duration by ~1-3 seconds. Much more detailed guess including auto effects de the lunar body profile are generally posted 12-18 months antérieur à each,


All calculations are de Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility à la their accuracy. Permission is freely granted à reproducethis les données when attach by année acknowledgment:

" Predictions passant par Fred Espenak, NASA"s"

Please visit auto Acknowledgments Page parce que le additional acknowledgments, details and links.