Ellie hit rock bottom in the Last of Us 2, but that way there space plenty of direction her story could take in a auto Last of Us Part le3 sequel.

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The Last ns Us 3 Ellies Story
even though nothing is official, cette seems unlikely the The Last ns Us 3 isn"t somewhere nous the horizon. If the game isn"t confirmed to be in advance at all, Neil Druckmann self did check that a story outline has actually been written. It"ll be a longue way off, and Naughty Dog has actually a parcelle of différent rumored jobs going conditions météorologiques that can be taking criterion over The Last ns Us 3, cible it"s surely coming someday.

The Last ns Us 2 left a lot of interroger unanswered, an especially in éblouissement to Ellie"s can be fried fate. Players adhered to Ellie ont she came to be obsessed with elle need parce que le revenge, unable à let cette go et try to habitent a ordinaire life. Ellie"s violent acte and refusal venir quit caused her to lose everything, from her family, to sa ability to play the guitar in remembrance of Joel. Most ns The Last of Us 2 to be downhill for Ellie. Through that said, ce feels like fans have seul seen the sapin half ns Ellie"s personality arc; the next jeu could make ce come complete circle.

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Dina could Reconcile v Ellie - jaune Not

One of the best questions ventilateur had at thé end ns The Last du Us 2 was the sudden disappearance ns Dina et baby JJ. Dina was ravaged when Ellie left à pursue Abby and abandoned auto picturesque tons they made together, so ce would do sense à la Dina à no longer want that relationship. Ellie essentially chapitre Abby et her vengeance over Dina and JJ; even when factoring in auto PTSD Ellie was clearly suffering from, that"ll it is in a daunting relationship venir mend.

The jeu leaves fémur between Ellie and Dina a bit ambiguous. A de nombreux of ventilateurs don"t think they"re ensemble anymore, and it would certainly tie into the pattern ns Ellie shedding everything à la the sake of elle vengeance. Others have speculated that Ellie was seul visiting the loger on sa own à pick up part things, and then would revenir to Dina later.

The henchmen evidence soutien that concept is that Ellie doesn"t watch surprised when she enters the house. That could be because she knows wherein Dina is, but on the différent hand, cette could it is in because elle knows Dina herself et isn"t surprised that she left. Ellie knew what elle choice would cost.

One way jaune another, Dina et JJ will oui to be addressed in the continuez of Ellie"s story, and what happens in between them would set thé tone for the prochain step in Ellie"s journey. The Last ns Us 3 could aller a an ext hopeful route par showing Ellie and Dina reconcile et agree to continuez raising jj together, or cette could see them forever estranged because ns Ellie"s decision.

Ellie Could return to thé Fireflies et Finish What she Started

Ellie was furious through Joel because of how cette saved sa from auto Fireflies, et the raison of the anger is the immense survivor"s guilt she feels. Elle watched Riley, Tess, Henry, Sam, et countless others die while she somehow survived — et that"s avant witnessing Joel"s horrific end. Ellie"s commander in finding thé Fireflies to be motivated par that guilt et by a desire pour her sapin to median something. In one ns The Last ns Us 2"s final scenes, Ellie accuses Joel du stealing that from her.

Ellie believes that her sapin would oui mattered if she"d been used venir create a cure for auto cordyceps mind infection, regardless du the cost. Currently that she"s seemingly perdu everything, Ellie"s journey might send sa on a path à find the Fireflies again and finish the commander that she et Joel started in The Last ns Us.

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Dr. Anderson is dead, but if Ellie uncovered out that thé Fireflies were calmer around then elle might look for them out. Si not the Fireflies, she might capture wind of autre group trying venir find a cure et pay them a visit, desperate to make certain her sapin makes a difference.

There are mortier of avenues the histoire could take it that result in Ellie do the efforts to sacrifice herself pour the sake du humanity, but having sa return à the long-lost faction is passant par far the most interesting possibility. Assuming, of course, that Abby et Lev managed venir find the Fireflies themselves. Assuming Tommy is encore hunting pour Abby ont well, paths can cross in some really interesting ways if the Firefly stock makes an appearance. And as a major symbol ns The Last of Us series, cette definitely should.

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Ellie"s the Last du Us 3 arc Could winter Abby"s

the last du us 2 ellie abby ending
auto ending ns The Last du Us 2 saw Abby et Lev get on a boat et sail off, presumably venir find the Fireflies. After spending half du the jeu with Abby et knowing elle survived until the end, cette would it is in a waste ns two perfectly great characters to never oui her and Lev démontrer up again. Si Abby, Lev, et Ellie tous made ce to thé Fireflies, things could volonté very interesting in much more ways 보다 one. Whether jaune not Abby and Lev montrer up, though, Ellie"s story could really easily parallel Abby"s arc.

Ellie et Abby were presented ont two sides de the same coin in The Last de Us 2. we meet Abby at the end of sa revenge mission et then journey v her ont she battles with the consequences and seeks to redeem herself passant par helping Yara et Lev. Ellie"s révérence in The Last of Us 2 centers around sa revenge mission. Abby start at auto bottom et works sa way increase the moral ladder, sauce soja to speak, if Ellie is trapped in a downward spiral à la the duration ns the game.

Ellie"s histoire could continuez with elle going nous a comparable journey à Abby. Ellie has clearly reached rock bottom passant par the end of The Last du Us 2, cible that method there"s nowhere to go marqué up. Ellie committed some truly heinous acts that she"ll most likely want venir redeem it s her from. The Last du Us 3 can be Ellie"s redemption story the way it was à la Abby.

Ellie Needs venir Find a nouveau Purpose

the last du us 2 ellie rifle bois naughty dog ps4
Regardless of what form ce takes, Ellie needs venir somehow discover something à keep fighting for. Elle believes that her first doesn"t matter and doesn"t do a difference, so The Last ns Us 3 should explorer Ellie learning à challenge that belief and let aller of sa survivor"s guilt. Changing auto world is not a requirement for leading a systematic life, and if thé Last ns Us 3 ended with Ellie dying à la the sake du the cure, that would be a large letdown.

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Ellie needs to find a new purpose in the suivant game. Like both Joel and Abby, probably that involves finding someone to love et protect — that someone can be JJ, or maybe Ellie"s new purpose could be helping Joel"s brothers Tommy let marche of revenge et come to auto same conclusion she did.

Whatever ce is, elle needs à learn the there room a beaucoup of ways to make an impact nous the world et very few of them indicate self-sacrifice. Joel tells Ellie that ne sont pas matter what, elle keep recognize something to fight for. Si Ellie"s story can continuez from here, she needs venir find her new something to fight pour in The Last du Us 3.