auto exhibition conditions météorologiques the roll Stones and their career, unicité in Europe, opened this Thursday in Marseille


Unzipped Exhibition

conditions météorologiques the rojo Stones opened up this Thursday at the stade Vélodrome, in Marseille, until September 5.

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This exhibition brings together nearly 400 objects the belonged to members de the absent group.

The reconstruction ns their tons roommate apartment, auto Olympic studio and the costumes are precious a watch while waiting pour the Stones" next concert in Marseille.

They were a couple of dozen to quietly wait in front du the Velodrome stadion in Marseille, this Thursday morning. Not to observe the critical recruit du Olympique du Marseille, marqué to discover auto exhibition nous the rolling Stones,

Unzipped Exposition

which opened its doors this Thursday, until September 5.

Jean-Pierre, 72, the grandfather, Stephan, 50, Olivier, 49, the sons, et Benjamin, 19, and Raphaël, 16, the grandsons, came to discover it ont a family.

“We room obviously a la poêle of thé Rolling Stones, cette is a legendary and transgenerational group.

We learned that thé exhibition was here in Marseille haricot de soja we came, hoping to see Mick Jagger.

We hope à dive into the history ns the group, to revenir to auto sources, around this timeless sharing that are auto Rolling Stones ”, explain auto three generations of fans of thé English group.

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"The reconstruction de the apartment is yes, really cool"

They can not view Mick Jagger, unequal Philippe Maneuver, godfather ns the exhibition. “It"s an exhibition that brings ensemble 400 objects belong to the Rolling Stones, they space their guitars, their phase clothes, their street clothes. It"s a signification littérale open door at thé Rolling Stones, a very lunderground group, i beg your pardon had always kept the creation process secret, over there they open up their trunk and they say: "Look", "he describes behind his foncé glasses. .

Alexandre, 26, took the train indigenous Paris conditions météorologiques Wednesday, especially venir come and see this unique exhibition in leurope  this summer, since it will fly à Canada afterwards.

“I"m no necessarily de their generation, so seeing tous these images et objects makes moi relive tous that a bit.

The reconstitution ns their life apartment, as soon as they to be shared, is really very cool.

The disguises space also really impressive ”, cette confides.

"I was overwhelmed through joy"

After having crossed auto ages through musique instruments, albums covers, posters, the Olympic studios where they taped

Sympathy for the Devil

, the costumes and the well known apartment, thé spectators have the joie to relive the free concert. Given de the rolling Stones in Cuba in front de a million people in 2016. “We room sitting nous the

flight cases

, thé boxes whereby we boutique the guitars et cables after concerts, et we room in front du five screens, nous can check out the apparence solo filmed by five cameras from various angles, we see everything that is happening.

Absolutely fabulous sound, je haven"t watched a concert for a year so ns was overwhelmed with joy, ”says Philippe Maneuver.

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Our la gestion on thé Rolling Stones

A an excellent opportunity à la Marseillais and holidaymakers who will come to the region this summer.

“The Vélodrome is the page daccueil of football and OM, but also other recadrer events such ont major concerts.

We are very happy à welcome this dunicité exhibition in Europe et which has permitted us venir innovate.

Especially since auto Rolling Stones love Marseille ”, rejoices martin d"Argenlieu, director of diriger projects for the Vélodrome.

Nothing like waiting till the next Stones concert.


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