Ile de france credit agricole

CAF an essential analysisSnowflake Score
Future Growth0/6
Past Performance3/6
Financial Health6/6

CAF Overview

Caisse Régionale aux Crédit agriculture Mutuel ns Paris und d'Ile-de-France, a participating bank, provides various banking and insurance prestations de service to that is members in France.

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About auto company

Summary of toutes les personnes time highs, changes et price fall for boîte Régionale du Crédit agricole Mutuel ns Paris et d'Ile-de-FranceHistorical stock prices
Current share Price€80.50
52 la semaine High€86.67
52 principale Low€65.10
1 Month Change18.44%
3 Month Change16.67%
1 année Change20.15%
3 year Change-6.50%
5 year Change12.82%
Change because IPO187.55%

Upcoming dividend du €2.60 tout de suite share

Eligible shareholders must oui bought auto stock antérieur à 03 peut être 2021. Payment date: 05 may 2021. Trailing yield: 3.2%. Lower than dessus quartile of français dividend payers (4.0%). Reduced than average of industrie peers (3.6%).

Should caisse Régionale aux Crédit agricole Mutuel du Paris rang d'Ile-de-France (EPA:CAF) be Part ns Your Dividend Portfolio?

Is caisse Régionale du Crédit agriculture Mutuel du Paris et d'Ile-de-France ( EPA:CAF ) a great dividend stock? comment can we...

Full year 2020 revenue released: EPS €7.56 (vs €10.49 in FY 2019)

The lentreprise reported a negative full année result v weaker earnings, revenues and profit margins. Full année 2020 results: Revenue: €889.5m (down 11% from FY 2019). Net income: €211.8m (down 28% from FY 2019). Profit margin: 24% (down native 30% in FY 2019). Thé decrease in margin was driven par lower revenue. Non-performing loans: 1.01% (up from 0.99% in FY 2019). Over the last 3 years conditions météorologiques average, earnings effronté share has actually fallen passant par 5% tout de suite year whereas auto company’s re-publishing price has actually fallen par 4% per year.


Caisse Régionale du Crédit agricole Mutuel de Paris et d'Ile-de-France's (EPA:CAF) Shareholders are Down 35% nous Their Shares

Investors have the right to approximate thé average market return par buying an index fund. But if tu buy separation, personal, instance stocks, you can...

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New 90-day high: €77.47

The entreprise is up 11% from its price of €70.00 conditions météorologiques 09 October 2020. The français market is increase 14% over thé last 90 days, denote the company underperformed over the time. It also underperformed thé Banks industry, i beg your pardon is increase 34% over thé same period.

How lot Is boîte Régionale aux Crédit agriculture Mutuel de Paris rang d'Ile-de-France (EPA:CAF) payment Its CEO?

This article will reflect on the compensation paid to Olivier-Eric Gavalda who has served as CEO of boîte Régionale de...

Return avec Industry: CAF underperformed the français Banks industrie which returned 54.5% over thé past year.

Is CAF's price volatile compared venir industry and market?CAF volatility
CAF typical Weekly Movement3.3%
Banks industrie Average Movement3.2%
Market mean Movement4.4%
10% most volatile partager in FR Market8.5%
10% the very least volatile stock in FR Market2.5%

Stable share Price: CAF is no significantly an ext volatile than thé rest of french stocks over auto past le 3 months, typically moving +/- 3% a week.

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About thé Company

n/a3,879Olivier-Eric Gavalda

Caisse Régionale de Crédit agriculture Mutuel du Paris und d'Ile-de-France, a cooperative bank, offers various banking and insurance services to that members in France. The lentreprise offers saving products; accounts and cards; vehicle et home financing; finance pour study et work; and insurance products venir protect home, vehicle, et health. Cette serves companies, SMEs, farmers, artisans, associations, communities, families, et individuals.

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Caisse Régionale de Crédit agriculture Mutuel ns Paris und d'Ile-de-France Fundamentals Summary

How do des boites Régionale de Crédit agricole Mutuel aux Paris und d'Ile-de-France's earnings and revenue par rapport to its market cap?CAF an essential statistics
Market Cap€2.25b
Earnings (TTM)€288.89m
Revenue (TTM)€978.94m

Key profit statistics from the latest earnings reportCAF income statement (TTM)
Cost du Revenue€0
Gross Profit€978.94m

Earnings effronté share (EPS)10.32
Gross Margin100.00%
Net favorable Margin29.51%
Debt/Equity Ratio25.1%

How did CAF do over the longue term?