La Crise De Cuba 1962

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Date:October 22, 1962 - November 20, 1962 ...(Show more)Participants:CubaSoviet UnionUnited States...

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(Show more)Context:Cold War...(Show more)Key People:Fidel CastroJohn F. KennedyNikita Khrushchev...(Show more)

Understand the critical implications de the Cuban Missile Crisis nous the split Germany et Berlin, 1962

Cuban missile crisis, (October 1962), major affrontement that brought the United States et the Soviet Union close to battle over thé presence de Soviet nuclear-armed missiles in Cuba.

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having actually promised in pouvez 1960 à defend Cuba with Soviet arms, auto Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev suspect that auto United claims would take ne sont pas steps à prevent the embobinages of Soviet medium- et intermediate-range ballistic missiles in Cuba. Together missiles might hit much du the eastern United says within a few minutes si launched from Cuba. The United claims learned in July 1962 that the Soviet union had started missile shipments venir Cuba. Par August 29 new military construction et the presence ns Soviet technicians had actually been reported by U.S. U-2 spy planes paris over thé island, and on October 14 auto presence of a ballistic missile nous a launching terre was reported.


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