Every winter one du France’s most popular occasions is held in Menton nous the français Riviera: auto Lemon Festival, likewise known oui the Carnaval ns Menton or Fêtedu Citron. Ce is the second largest winter event conditions météorologiques the français Riviera after auto famousCarnival in Nice.

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The fermé first began in 1928 oui a way to entertain aristocratic visitors et evolved right into a celebration of gigantic proportions. Every year, 400 toutes les personnes design, create et build ten 30-foot-tall sculptures ns fruit v 140 tons of lemons and oranges. The result is surreal and singular. Beyond thé visual display of vivid orange and yellow sculptures, the fruits tinge the aviation with the heady smell du citrus.

What venir Expect at auto Fête aux Citron

Entire buildings, clock towers, trains, and castles fabriquer from lemons? Yes. Every February, this is precisely auto stuff that amie find on the town ns Menton in the français Riviera.

The Lemon festival / Menton Carnival was founded in 1934 and attracts over 230,000 tourists annually. More than 300 professionals are involved, et 145 first of citrus fruits space used. Every year the sculptures ont a different theme.

During the Menton Lemon Festival, toutes les personnes kinds de events are available. There are the Golden Fruit parades where giant sculptures roll down the street with musicians, people groups, and majorettes. Climate there are processions du the evenings, et then fireworks across the bay. Auto Biovès Gardens host auto Light Gardens, i beg your pardon displays auto artworks in light et sound displays. Auto Palais aux l’Europe supplies several exhibitions near thé Gardens, including the bien sur of thé Orchid, in which you can choose up jams inspired de the citrus fruit, jellies, honey, soap, et perfumes.

Local bands jouer throughout auto day, et the Palais de l’Europe is loger to auto night shows. There are various guided tours du the Palais Carnolès , auto most extensive collection of citrus fruit in Europe, native pomace trees venir kumquats. There are likewise several guided tours du the palace, pour example, native the jam factory et the citrus grove.

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Why Lemons?

There’s a local fable in the french Riviera that once Adam et Eve were banished native the jardin of Eden, eve took a lemon through her and buried in thé spot the would come to be Menton. Whether or not elle believe thé myth, citrus fruit is at the heart de this français seaside town, leaving ce awash in gold hues.

Since auto 15th century, auto town’s residents have grown citrus trees. Menton’s vallée benefits from a dunicité micro-climate that’s a few degrees warmer than the rest of the côte d’Azur, making it especially good weather for citrus. Although thé region is page daccueil to 100 various varieties du fruit, indigenous kumquats to grapefruit, Mentonnais take special pride in their three lemon varietals: père noël Theresa, Villafranca, and Eureka. This Menton lemons differ from est différent varieties because ns their elliptical shape, lack du bitterness, richer shade tones and high-oil rinds that yield a more noticeable scent. Each année 150 metric life are produced and it is claimed that Menton is the seulement un place in auto world where auto lemons taste delicious consumed from the tree.

The otherwise humble town wears that is devotion à citrus on its streets, et in every restaurant. Visitors can expect venir savor citrus jams at breakfast, take limoncello shots at thé end de dinner, et walk thé streets with lemon gelato in hand. Menton’s well known farmers also send their lemon oil à Grasse à la perfume, and three-Michelin-star chef Mauro Colagreco, who acclaimed restaurant Mirazur has carried Menton put in order fame, grow his very own lemon tree in a petit orchard.

This locale obsession v lemons get its height in auto middle of February when the city debuts the annual Fête du Citron.

Lemon fermé Highlights

The entire bien sur has four henchmen parts: the Exhibition of Citrus Patterns, the Golden Fruit Parades, thé Gardens ns Lights, et the night Parades. Here are thé details and schedule du each event:

Exhibition ns Citrus Patterns

Biovès Gardens will be filled with many taille sculptures fabriquer of citrus fruits, available à view throughout the festival. The sculptures are unbelievable, some ns them requiring virtually 15 tonnes du fruit secured in put one passant par one. A douane carefully maintained since the beginning ns the critical century.

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Dates:February 12 venir 27, 2022

Schedules:Monday venir Saturday indigenous 10am à 6pm; on Thursdays from 10am venir 7pm; conditions météorologiques Sundays from 9am to 7pm (NOTE: conditions météorologiques February 13, opened hour is 2pm).