2 choices de transport:Transport v chassis : Due to aviation freight restrictions caused by COVID-19, conditions météorologiques are temporarily no plus long able to send canvases placed from 150 cm.

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In this case, thé frames will be sent dismantled with auto canvas rolled up, or the shipment will provide rise to an additional charge.

You have the right to choose thé desired option in your shopping cart.

↓ high-end line price ↓
Sending prices pour rolled or assembled canvas, suivant page.Key frame readily available in this quality.
100 cm x 68 cm3 ft 1/3 x 2 ft 2€867$ 1032
120 cm cf 81 cm3 ft 11 cf 2 ft 7€1240$ 1476
150 cm cf 102 cm4 ft 11 cf 3 ft 4€1951$ 2323
200 cm cf 135 cm6 ft 3/4 cf 4 ft 5€3443$ 4099
250 cm x 169 cm8 ft 1/4 x 5 ft 6€5387$ 6413
300 cm voir 203 cm9 ft 10 cf 6 ft 7€7765$ 9244
Original size
203 in.Hx300 in.WxXNUMX in.D XNUMX cmHxXNUMX cmWxXNUMX cmD€7765$ 9244

Normal reproductions : classic paints space no plus long offered in normalement quality. Castle require an ext work than a contemporary canvas because du the colors, details, textures et characters, much more realistic. In order to maintain optimum quality, order higher quality. Thank you.

Luxury line : We doubs the hours ns production et work the reproduction with more material, in order à reproduce Caravaggio, the Entombment in auto smallest details. Thé perfect option si you room demanding in terms ns quality.

Buy a reproduction de Caravaggio"s painting, thé Entombment at our workshop

Please think about our workshop pour purchasing your breuning of a ns Caravaggio canvas.

When ns speak du classical art, cette is in the proper sense of the term, there is no referring to the Classicism. Timeless artists were those prefer Caravaggio à la whom arts aimed above tous to give birth reality: a street scene, a landscape, a portrait or a toujours life.

Far from the modern artists who transformed our apprehension ns reality à transfigure ce in auto search pour a new aesthetic, classic artists were often craftsmen whose lieu de travail were commissioned, et represented auto reality that we discern with thé naked eye oui in this la peinture Caravaggio, the Entombment.

As a result, ns Caravaggio"s canvases are full de details, nuances, couleur specific to life, which nous take care of reproducing ont well ont possible.

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The tools ns painting reproduction

We usage very an excellent quality material venir make your canvas.

The canvas is a cotton canvas at 320 Gm / M2 which will certainly not deform once painted, et may possibly be re-tightened using the keys from our chassis.

The crucial frame, si you ordered one, is fabriqué locally par our carpenter.

This is tous to ensure the your order indigenous Caravaggio, ns Entombment will give tu complete satisfaction.

Normal and luxury high quality reproduction

Reproducing a canvas needs both particular know-how, et above tous time. Auto cost de the material lastly coming right into account much less than thé time required for quality reproduction.

Hence the extra cost of our high-end quality: pour this high quality we doubs the working hours, occupational with more material et take the time to work out auto smallest details.

It is significativement to stimulate in this quality si you are demanding in every detail, et if auto canvas you oui chosen is complex.

Deadlines for producing your canvas

We reserve about 5 weeks nous average to paint a canvas.

We aller not store, jaune very few, canvases, paint on demand and will seul start her canvas oz you have ordered it, which will enable us venir agree conditions météorologiques the production details, in boîte where amie would have special requests à la your reproduction of Caravaggio, thé Entombment.

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For more informations visit our workshop side where nous explain comment we faire your breuning of painting..