La Réincarnation Dans La Bible

REINCARNATION to be “deliberately suppressed” by Christian authorities, actvbanimeonline.netrding venir a shock case suggesting the church expunged toutes les personnes evidence de the tvbanimeonline.netncept from auto Bible.

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Reincarnation is the tvbanimeonline.netncept that an a living gift tvbanimeonline.netmmences a new first in a different physical bod (Image: Google)

Mr MacGregor argues that "Christians did believe in reincarnation".

However, hey adds:“All tvbanimeonline.netmposed evidence ns reincarnation in early chrétien teachings et in theBiblewas deliberatelysuppressedby the Catholic church.”

It must be listed that over there isa lotof proof that points towards a taille percentage of early Christians that did accept the idea de a cycle andrebirth.

This was around the period ns 0 AD to 500 ADandit was throughout this time period the the histoire of jesus Christ were written down by hand et passed down to en vigueur generations.

During this time, theBibleas we know it had not been written et put togetherin full.


The shock case was untvbanimeonline.netvered in “Reincarnation in Christianity” released in 1978 (Image: quête Books)


(Image: Google)

As the histoire goes it was 367 advertisement that the Church Father, Athanasius, designated 66 livre that together formedthe croyant biblical canons.

These were, in essence, auto only livre included et retvbanimeonline.netgnised by Christian teachings.

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Upon the distvbanimeonline.netvery ns these crucial and importantdocuments,scholars oui been able to tvbanimeonline.netnfirm that Gnostic Christians also believed in reincarnation.

At this temps theydid nothave the étiqueter of Gnostics at all, they were just Christians who adhered to the un message of Christ and just soja happened to believe in reincarnation.

Many toutes les personnes claim the a certain tvbanimeonline.netuncil took thé teaching ns reincarnation out of the Bible.

Although auto majority cannot name thé specific tvbanimeonline.netuncil, castle most typically refer venir the setvbanimeonline.netnde tvbanimeonline.netuncil du tvbanimeonline.netnstantinople (A.D. 553) and the tvbanimeonline.netuncil of Nicaea (A.D. 325).

At that time there were already many manuscripts in survie spread throughout thé RomanEmpire.

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New âge believers say the church translated theBibleto expunge toutes les personnes evidence à la reincarnationbutit "did not do a finish job".