Located in the Montmartre area du the city, this restaurant in paris is named after auto historical mills the were located on the hill in this area de Paris, of which there are seulement un two staying today, and is an ideal place to relax through a luxury meal de traditional french cuisine.

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A bit of history

There were oz around fourteen mills nous the Butte Montmarte, however, over there are seul two that continue to be today, which date back to auto early 1700s and these formed thé famous Moulin de la Galette.

The Debray family members were auto owners of these mills, wherein they produced rye buns the they offered with a glass of milk, but after thé defence again the Prussian strike in 1814 thé Debray household finds chin in surtout financial difficulties.So instead ns supplying milk, they adjusted tactics venir Muscatel wine et turned auto Moulin aux la galette into a saut hall in the 1860s, the became more popular than some of the est différent establishments in thé area périmé to its really relaxed atmosphere.In fact, si you aller to thé Musee d’Orsay amie can uncover a photo called thé Bal de Moulin ns la Gallette that auto artist août Renoir painted, yet this carré was likewise immortalised de other artist such ont Toulouse-Lautrec and Pablo Picasso.
Yet from being a music lobby in Paris, the carré then went venir becoming a enregistrement studio of french Broadcasting Service à la televisition and then finally it became a restaurant, et was popular with artists including auto singer Dalida.

About le Moulin du la gamble restaurant in Paris

With a timeless feel that comes with deep red walls adorned de old pictures and posters, wood tables and seats spanned in deep red, there is likewise a beautiful terrace complete with wooden and wicker chairs et pergolas for a be safe meal conditions météorologiques a lovely warmth day when you are on holiday in Paris.Run as a family members business, the Moulin du la galette restaurant is owned by antoine Heerah who is likewise a chef et the Executive chef is roger Heerah, et providing a warm, inviting et friendly atmosphere, they take pride in thé quality du their cuisine as well as making her experience ont enjoyable ont possible.

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Cuisine at the Moulin aux la gamble restaurant

This restaurants in parisien provides French cuisine with a large variety ns fish et meat dishes and tous of your fish comes from auto Brittany region in france and all of auto meat is of français origin. This are constantly accompanied par fresh produce and seasonal produce, concède there are additionally traditional français delicacies such ont Garlic Snails from the Burgundy region.There space actually different menu available indigenous a Monday à Saturday and of a lunch temps you could pick a starter and main arttaserse or henchmen course and dessert parce que le €23 ont of 2013 jaune a three course meal à la €29, et these are listed nous the board.A tasting menu comprising deux starters, a fish course, meat course and dessert is available for either lunch jaune dinner nous a Monday to Saturday parce que le €59, however nous would favor to mettre en ordre out that this is only served to thé whole table. But there is likewise a three course dinner menu available parce que le €39, yet nous a Sunday et on toutes les personnes the national French holidays, ce is seul the A la carte option available.

When it comes venir the français food, conditions météorologiques the a la atlas menu amie could always opt for année aperitif of a cooking meat platter venir share v a drink, antérieur à you think about a tempting starter such as a mushroom risotto through asparagus tips jaune smoked salmon v lime cream and blinis. Et these range in price from around €13 up à €17.Fish dishes incorporate a homme dory fillet v ratatouille et sweet Espelette pepper or something an ext extravagant tu could pick whole peeled Atlantic lobster with tagliatelle, and bisque with lemon and thyme.The meat dishes include delights such as roasted porkling through mustard, spring carrots and peas or duck confit v potatoes and French vert beans, yet perhaps a sirloin steak v homemade bearnaise saumur accompanied par French fries and mixed salad would certainly be more to your liking.

A henchmen dish arrays in expense from around €21 up à €36, et you can then opt for a cheese plate à la €8 avant trying one du the very temping desserts together a creme brulee jaune a rum Baba with mint cacao emulsion for an average cost ns €11.

Access to les Moulin de la gamble in Paris

You will certainly be pleased to savoir that this restaurant in parisien is open up seven job a week from midday through venir 11pm and offers a consistent service.Obviously at certain times cette does volonté busier 보다 others and although reservations are not always necessary, cette is recipient to livre in advance, et it is suitable parce que le the whole family.

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Now nous mentioned above, that the Moulin du la gamblet is located in auto Montmartre area, et there are countless tourist vue de voir in parisien that are situated nearby, such as the Espace dali museum, the impressive Sacre dérange Basilica et the unusual monument in parisien called the i Love tu Wall, however having always been a famous area parce que le artists, why not also discover auto Place aux Tertre.But perhaps as you venture ago down auto Butte Montmartre after a day of sightseeing, you may wish to experience miscellaneous a peu different like auto Musee aux l’Erotisme jaune maybe auto famous cabaret in parisien with its rouge windmill, the blé Rouge, can be more to your liking.Anyway, whatever amie decide, thé Moulin ns la gamble will constantly welcome you and there are numerous ways de getting to this restaurant, which encompass the metro stops ns the Abbesses or the Lamarck-Caulaincourt stops via line 12 along with the Montmartrobus, i beg your pardon are thé smaller buses the negotiate thé steep winding roads up thé hill.

Address et contact details

Le Moulin de la Galette, 83 boulevard Lepic, 75018, Paris, Ile ns France, FranceTel: +33 (0) 1 46 06 84 77

Transport options

Paris métro lines 2, 12Bus heat 30Bus heat 54Bus line 74Bus line 95Night autobus lines N01, N02Montmartrobus

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