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Lee Il-hwa is a South Korean actress who was born on January 3, 1971. She first began acting when she was 21 in 1992, playing a supporting role in “Calendula“. She had her first main role in 2007 as Gye Wol in “Medical Gibang Cinema” Korean Drama with 10 episodes và played in dozens of television series & a few movies since then.

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She also made an appearance on the Reply Series (Reply 1988, Reply 1994, Reply 1997) as a supporting character. In 2008, she acted within the historical drama called “Il Ji Mae: The Phantom Thief”. Within the same year, she acted a task in her first movie called “Frivolous Wife“.

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Lee Il-hwa’s Movies

2018 The Accidental Detective 2: In kích hoạt Lee ngươi Sok2018 A Living Being Yoon Jung2017 Daddy You, Daughter Me vì Yeon’s mother2017 One Line Young Hee2015 The Accidental Detective Detective Noh Tae Soo’s wife2014 Fashion King Woo Ki Myung’s mother2009 Bandhobi Eun Joo2008 romantic Island Lee Yoon Suk2008 Frivolous Wife Dang Sook Mo (aunt in law)1994 No Need lớn Justify Yearning Yoon Soo Jin

Lee Il-hwa’s Dramas

2018 Secret and Lies Oh Yeon Hee MBC2017 Witch at Court Kwak Young Sil KBS22017 Man Who Sets the Table Jung Hwa Young (Tae Yang’s mom) MBC2017 Good Manager Jang Yoo Seon KBS2016 Blow Breeze Young Ae MBC2016 The Master Of Revenge Go Gang Sook (Gil Do’s wife) KBS22016 Choco BankEun Haeng’s mother Naver TV Cast2015 Reply 1988 Lee Il-hwa tvN2015 She Was Pretty Han Jung Hye (Hye Jin’s mother) MBC2015 Loss:Time:LifeKim Hye Sook Naver TV Cast2015 Orange Marmalade Kang Min Ha KBS22014 Family SecretsKo Tae Hee tvN2014 Modern FarmerYoon Hye Jung SBS2014 Doctor StrangerLee mi Sook (Park Hoon’s mother) SBS2014 Jeong do JeonLee Seong Gye’s wife KBS2013 Let’s EatGwang Seok’s mother (cameo) tvN2013 My Love From the StarHan Sun Young (Se Mi’s mother) SBS2013 Reply 1994Lee Il-hwa tvN2013 Empire of GoldIm Yoon Hee (Choi Min Jae’s wife) SBS2013 Ugly AlertNa In Sook SBS2013 Queen of AmbitionHong An Sim SBS2012 Seo Young, My DaughterBang Sim Deok KBS22012 Reply 1997Lee Il-hwa (Shi Won’s mother) tvN2012 TV Novel: Love, My LoveChoi Myung Joo KBS22012 Feast of the GodsIn Joo’s mother (cameo) MBC2012 Wild RomanceEun Jae’s mother KBS22011 Kimchi FamilyJung Geum Joo JTBC2011 Happy AndJeong Ja / Ji Yeong Channel A2011 HeartstringsSong Ji Young MBC2011 God’s Quiz Season 2Hwang Kyu Ri OCN2011 MidasKang In Sook SBS2010 Jungle Fish 2Ra Yi’s mother KBS22010 Golden FishMoon Jeong Won MBC2010 Prosecutor PrincessHa Jung Nan SBS2010 Obstetrics và Gynecology DoctorsLee Jung Joo SBS2009 Cinderella ManOh Dae San (Lee Joon Hee’s mother) MBC2009 No LimitMaeg Geum Hee MBC2009 Korean Ghost StoriesBok Bi’s mom KBS22008 Wife và WomanChae Yeo Jin CGV2008 Cooking up Romance“Madame Yoon” Yoon Ga Yeong KBS22008 Il Ji Mae: The Phantom ThiefMrs. Han SBS2007 Medical Gibang CinemaGye Wol OCN2007 Coffee PrinceHong Gae Shik’s ex girlfriend MBC2007 Destined to LoveYang Hee KBS22007 Good Day lớn LoveJi Young SBS2005 The Bizarre BunchLee Ok Doo KBS2005 song of the PrinceSeo Dong Yo SBS2005 Queen of ConditionsSeong Woo’s ex wife SBS2004 KkangsooniJung Eun Soo Channel 82003 Garden of EveRu Bi SBS2002 MBC Theater “Kiss in a Veil”Textile artist MBC2002 Sunflower FamilyKang Joo Young iTV1998 Eunahui DdeulSupport Role KBS21997 Love & SeparationEun Ha Yeong MBC1997 LadyEun Shil KBS21997 Sad tuy vậy of the Son-in-lawMyung Jin HBS1996 Dangerous LoveJin Sool MBC1996 SwordHan Wol KBS21995 ChanpumdanjaYong Deok MBC1995 ElegySupport Role SBS1995 Son of WindIm Soo Yeon KBS21995 Hopefully the SkyGo Hye Ryun KBS11992 Three Families Under One RoofDance Teacher MBC1992 CalendulaSupport Role SBS

Lee Il-hwa’s Awards

2017 Korea Drama Awards on category Excellence Awards, Actress with nominated work “Good Manager”.2017 KBS Drama Awards on category Best Supporting Actress with nominated work “Good Manager, Witch’s Court”.

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