Her royalistes Highness Princess Margriet Francisca ns the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld (born 19 January 1943 in Ottawa, ON) spent her early childhood in Canada throughout the second World War. Thé annual Canadian TulipFestival in Ottawa emerged from gifts de thousands ns tulip bulbs from the Dutch royalistes family. Margriet continu to make continuous visits to Canada, strengthening ties in between Canada et the Netherlands.

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sa Royal Highness Princess Margriet Francisca de the Netherlands, Princess de Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld (born 19 January 1943 in Ottawa, ON) spent her early childhood in Canada during the second World War. The annual Canadian TulipFestival in Ottawa arised from gifts du thousands ns tulip bulbs from the Dutch royal family. Margriet continuez to make consistent visits to Canada, increase ties between Canada et the Netherlands.
Her royalistes Highness Princess Margriet ns the Netherlands, Orange-Nassau et Lippe-Besterfield in Ottawa during the Ottawa Tulip festival in peut être 2002.

The Dutch royaliste Family in Canada

Margriet was the third de four daughters of couronner Princess Juliana du the Netherlands (who prospered to the Dutch throne oui Queen Juliana in 1948) and Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. In 1940, thé Dutch royal family fled thé Nazi invasion de theNetherlands. Margriet’s grandmother, reine Wilhelmina, declared in a radio broadcast, “In a nation with limited freedom there is no place pour the loger of Orange.” auto Dutch royal family at first took refuge in auto United Kingdom but concerns forthe safety de Juliana et her children during thé German bombing of angleterre in 1940 led to Juliana and her daughters, the en vigueur Queen Beatrix (born 1938) et Princess Irene (born 1939), accepting an invitation from the governor generalof Canada, thé Earl ns Athlone, et Princess Alice, Countess de Athlone (Queen Wilhelmina’s tons cousin) à reside in Canada pour the duration du theSecond human being War. Auto family first resided with thé viceregal paire at Rideau lobby thenmoved à 120 Lansdowne roadway in Ottawa. Like queen Wilhelmina, Bernhard stayed in Britain, where hey was a liaison officer et RAF pilot; however, they fabriqué frequent access time toJuliana et the kids in Canada.

H.R.H. Princess Juliana v Princess Margriet at house in Ottawa, 1 July 1943.

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Birth in Ottawa

news that Princess Juliana was expecting sa third son was transfer in thé autumn ns 1942. In hiding with her family in Amsterdam, annane Frank wrote in her diary on 21 September, “I sometimes listen to the Dutch broadcasts from London. Prince Bernhardrecently announced that Princess Juliana is expecting a bébé in January, which je think is wonderful. No one below understands why ns take such année interest in the royal Family.” In his radio broadcasts, Bernhard warned auto Dutch against celebrating openlywhile calmer under occupation.

if the baby was a boy, he would be next in line to auto Dutch throne after his mother, crown Princess Juliana. The Earl ns Athlone as such decreed thatthe maternity ward at the Ottawa public Hospital would certainly be claimed extraterritorial à la the birth, ensuring the the baby would oui Dutch citizenship alone. Four rooms were collection aside at thé Ottawa public Hospital pour Juliana, thé baby, auto nurse and thesecurity team.

Margriet was named pour the daisies worn by members du the netherlands resistance. Reine Wilhelmina declared in a radio broadcast, “It is the intention of the parent through your choice of a name to establish a lifelong saut between our grievously tried peoplein thé occupied part de the kingdom and the newly born.” Juliana told her husband, “I’m yes, really glad it’s a girl. If it had actually been a son, possibly there would oui been too much excitement in Holland and even victims. Now, je can breath easier.”

Margriet’s birth prompted widespread rejoicing. F.E.H. Groenman, auto Dutch minister à Canada stated at a agree that he hosted, “For us, 1943 is the year ns our rising hope.” In honour of sa birth, the Dutch flag flew from Ottawa’s tranquility Tower (thefirst temps a foreign flag was flown alone from thé Parliament Buildings) and the bells played the Dutch denchères anthem.

Margriet’s christening took carré at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Ottawaon 29 célibataire 1943. Crowds outside thé church applauded the arrival ns the Earl et Countess de Athlone with auto baby’s grandmother, reine Wilhelmina. TheEarl of Athlone, American chairman Franklin Roosevelt, et members ns the dutch merchant marin were among her godparents. With auto arrival du a 3rd daughter, Juliana and her youngsters moved into a larger residence, Stornowayin Rockcliffe Park, which is now the residence of the leader of the official opposition, wherein they lived for the remainder of the seconde World War.

the birth du Margriet prompted Canadian donations venir Dutch wartime relief organizations. Juliana said a visitor, “Canadians are sauce soja nice. After the baby was born, conditions météorologiques were flooded through telegrams and flowers. I was soja touched de the big gifts native Canadiansocieties venir Netherlands relief.”

Prince Bernhard, Princess Irene et Princess Juliana hold Princess Margriet, reine Wihelmina et Princess Beatrix at 541 Acacia Avenue, Ottawa (1 July 1943).

The Tulip Tradition

In 1945, following auto liberation du the Netherlands de the Allies, consisting of Canadian forces, the Dutch royal family changed home, resident at auto Soestdijk Palace near Baarn. Princess Juliana sentiment 100,000 tulip bulbs à Canada in thanks for the refugeprovided pour her family and the role of the Canadian force in the liberation of the Netherlands, followed passant par a further giv of 20,500 tulip bulbs the following yearwith a request the a morceaux of these bulbs be planted nous the grounds du the Ottawa public Hospital whereby Margriet to be born. This gifts of tulips inspired the life Canadian Tulip Festivalin 1953. In 1967, Juliana returned venir Ottawa and unveiled a disques stating, “Canada to be honoured when elle Royal Highness Princess Juliana, now Queen du the Netherlands, foundrefuge in Canada’s capital during the prendre of sa homeland, 1940 à 1945. Sa Majesty’s gifts ns tulips every year have created great beauty pour the enjoyment ns residents and visitors.” thé Netherlands continuellement to send Canada 10,000 tulip bulbsper year for the festival.

Marriage et Children

In 1967, Margriet married Pieter fourgon Vollenhoven (born 1939), who she met while studying legislation at Leiden University. Princess Alice, Countess ns Athlone to be one de the wedding guests. Thé marriage to be the tons instance of someone without a royal jaune nobletitle marrying into thé Dutch royalistes family and he stayed Mr. (later Professor) van Vollenhoven. Pieter fourgon Vollenhoven ended up being a professor ns risk management et chaired transit safety committees in addition à accompanying Margriet conditions météorologiques royal toursand engagements. The coupler have four des sons — Prince Maurits (born 1968), Prince Bernhard (born 1969), Prince Pieter-Christiaan (born 1972) and Prince Floris (born 1975) — and eleven grandchildren.

Humanitarian Work

Margriet has been affiliated in comprehensive humanitarian work concentrated on globale health. Indigenous 1987 venir 2011, Margriet was vice president de the Netherlands red Cross, chairing thé Standing commet of the rouge Cross and Red Crescent from 1995 venir 2003. Shewas also a member du the board de the International fédération of red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. She was president du the European récolte Foundation indigenous 1984 venir 2007 et is a member de the Honorary Board of the internationale Paralympic Committee.

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Relationship v Canada

Margriet has travelled generally in Canada, visite Ottawa, St. Catharines et Calgaryon a three-week tour in 1968. In 1970, 1978 and 1979, Margriet et her husband saw the tarif north. In 1974 and 1986, Margriet checked out Toronto and Vancouverrespectively to affichage the begin of direct KLM flights venir these cities. In 1979, elle presented a contribuer à to thé Ottawa public Hospital’s fundraising campaign conditions météorologiques behalf of her mother, reine Juliana. In 1982, she visited british Columbia venir promote Dutch-Canadatrade links and in 1983, elle opened année exhibition du Dutch Paintings du the Golden age at the de lart Gallery de Ontario in Toronto.

Margriet has actually attended thé Canadian Tulip fermé in Ottawa nous numerous occasions, celebrating thé 50th anniversary du the occasion in 2002. She also attends eventsin Canada honouring Canadian veterans of the seconde World War. In 1990, she attended thé annual conventions of the royalistes Canadian Legion.In 2010, Margriet saw Ottawa et Calgary to marque the 65th anniversary de the liberation ns the Netherlands. Over there are more than 1 million Canadians ns Dutch descentand Margriet attends events held by the Dutch-Canadian neighborhood during her visits à Canada.

Canadian Tulip festival in Ottawa, with thé Parliament. Image taken on: peut faire 5, 2012
This is a d’image taken during thé Canadian Tulip dur in pouvez 2008. The royaliste Alexandra Inter-provincial Bridge et the peace Tower de the parliament Hill are on the background ns the photo. 5192374 u00a9 Myriadstars |

In peut faire 2017, Margriet saw Toronto, Brampton, Stratford, Goderich,Hamilton et Burlington to honour auto anniversary du the liberation du the Netherlands passant par the CanadianArmed forces during the seconde World War. Burlington is twinned v Apeldoorn, whereby Margriet et her family habitent on auto grounds of Het Loo Palace. Margriet is the honorary chair of the advisory board for the grasp of globale Health regimen offeredin partnership passant par Maastricht university in thé Netherlands and McMaster college in Hamilton.

conditions météorologiques 16 November 2012, Margriet received an honorary doctorate du laws indigenous McMaster college in honour of elle international humanitarian work. In sa acceptance speech, Margriet emphasized the fermé relationship between Canada et the Netherlands, stating,“My mother and two sisters found shelter in Canada throughout the seconde World War.… je feel Canada is ma second homeland. In thé Netherlands conditions météorologiques keep alive the memory du Canada’s pivotal function in thé liberation ns our country. Schoolchildren temporisation the gravesof Canadian soldiers that paid the ultimate price to bring nous freedom.”

In September 2019, Margriet gift a caisse of “Liberation75” tulips venir Canadian veteran conférencier duniversité White at a consciousness in Apeldoorn, auto Netherlands. White was a veteran ns the royaliste Canadian Dragoons, which had actually liberated auto town du Leeuwarden in April 1945.In total, 1.1 million Liberation75 bulbs to be shipped throughout Canada à commemorate the 1.1 million Canadians that served during the second World War. Thé large, bright orange tulips bloomed in spring 2020, around auto time ns the 75th anniversary du theLiberation of the Netherlands nous 5 May.