Italy qualified à la the last 16 through a game to spare after Eder’s brilliant so late goal worked out a forgettable match

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In David Winner’s brilliant Orange, the art director Rudi Fuchs said ns Italian football: “They seduce tu into their soft embrace, and score a score like thé thrust du a dagger.” This game was a perfect example du that. Ce was fifty shades of stinker, v hardly any type of chances, and then Eder explosive into life to marqué a brilliant score after a great assist indigenous Zaza. Italy space through, Sweden probably need to beat Belgium if they are to qualify. Thanks parce que le your company and emails, bye! prochain up:


90+5 idiot Sweden ont a gros appeal for a penalty when Granqvist goes under in thé box. Ce was a climsy tackle passant par Bonucci, who additionally had a grip on Granqvist’s shirt. That said, over there wasn’t actually much contact. Amie can watch why it wasn’t given, and why it could ont been given. And that’s it!

It came out of nothing. Chiellini took a rapid throw near auto halfway line conditions météorologiques the left, launching ce long venir Zaza. He leapt majestically to instruire a header à Eder, that was to run from left to centre. Eder vroomed infield, far from Lewicki et then between Granqvist and Kallstrom antérieur à cracking a fierce court shot right into the frais corner from auto edge du the box.

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thé ball flies previous Sweden goalkeeper Andreas Isaksson et Italy oui the lead. Photograph: michael Dalder/Reuters

87 min This is thé brightest period ns the game. Maybe thé players space delirious due to the fact that they savoir the allumettes is virtually over.

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85 min A corner to Sweden, taken by Kallstrom, is headed over passant par Granqvist. Cette had to be penalised anyway.

84 min This this this from Niall Mullen. “Tournament has been ok cible where ce has to be poor i don’t think you can blame thé structure. Mainly there’s seulement a general lack du quality players particularly forwards. Davor Suker individuel I nothing remember being that thrilled passant par Euro 96 regardless of its remarkable structure. Euro 2000 conditions météorologiques the other hand...”