Naomi Osaka Et Son Mari

Naomi Osaka is a tennis prodigy who on sa way à being auto greatest athlete of elle generation. Cordae is an electric jeune rapper with a grammée nod. Et with their powers combined, castle are auto most dynamic et outspoken young coupler in the culture right now.

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On Cordae: Sweater, $595, passant par Paul Smith. Jeans, $980, by Bottega Veneta. Watch, $2,800, par TAG Heuer. Bracelet, $6,480, par Chrome Hearts. On Naomi: Sweater, $518, par Hope Macaulay. Jeans, $98, passant par Levi’s. Bra, $32, by Skims. Watch, $2,650, par TAG Heuer. Earring, $105 (for pair), by Jennifer Fisher.
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It was during a particularly intense moment in the second set ns last year U.S. Open up finals when Naomi Osaka, thé 23-year-old tennis phenom, all of sudden crushed a forehand at 86 mph past Victoria Azarenka et into the tarif corner parce que le a point. The shot was mesmerizing—the kind du momentum shifter that eventually helped Osaka cruise venir victory—but ce was sa non-reaction afterward that was many revealing. If someone like a Rafael Nadal might oui celebrated by leaping right into the aviation and screaming until their neck veins exploded, Osaka was…relaxed. Unbothered. She seulement sort de casually glanced down at elle racket oui if to check nous its well-being, like, Hey, little guy, that wasn’t also hard nous you, to be it?


Naomi Osaka et Cordae cover the March 2021 sortir of To volonté a copy, subscribe venir

On Cordae: Sweater, $595, passant par Paul Smith. On Osaka: Sweater, $518, de Hope Macaulay. Earring, $105 parce que le pair, par Jennifer Fisher.

No matter what kind du pressure she’s under or the caliber ns opponent she’s facing, Osaka’s default state is one du unflappable chill. It’s practically eerie. Like she has the resting heart rate de a Galápagos tortoise. Elle was also unflappable as she fielded tone-deaf des questions from open reporters around the face masks she had been wearing all tournament long, i beg your pardon were printed with names including Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, et Elijah McClain (“What to be the message you wanted à send, Naomi?”—as if the answer wasn’t obvious).

Meanwhile, when Osaka’s boyfriend ns two years—the Grammy-nominated rapper Cordae—attends her matches, he is decidedly unchill. He’s a complete 180, hollering in the stands every time elle wins a point. And thank God à la that. Due to the fact that Cordae nous the sidelines describe a level du unbridled plaisir that was one of the few glimmers de goodness many de us had all year.

And what meilleur pair to fawn over? despite being such a new face and name, Osaka is already thé highest-paid female athlete in thé world—with sponsorship transaction from Nike, Beats de Dre, et Louis Vuitton. (“I go buy mien mom her life Louis Vuitton a couple of year back, which to be a type memory à la me,” Osaka stated in an email. “Now being thé new visage of thé brand is seul so surreal.”) She’s année instant récolte juggernaut. Cordae, on the est différent hand, is a radical thinker and année exciting nouveau voice in musique with cosigns from legends including Eminem and Dave Chappelle. Thé L.A. Times dubbed him “hip-hop’s suivant great MC.”


On Cordae: Shirt, $565, par A-Cold-Wall. T-shirt, $195, et pants, $795, par Fear de God. Arm bands (top), $9,570, et (bottom), $1,870, de Chrome Hearts. On Naomi: Dress, $1,195, de The Elder Statesman. Earring, $475 (for pair), de Jennifer Fisher.
So ce is significant that Naomi Osaka is undoubtedly fearless et coolheaded, able à calmly handle thé media’s unfair obsession through her and her idole Serena Williams, whom she was pitted versus after walking toe to toe in a grand Slam final. (More conditions météorologiques that in a bit.) that is, unless elle start talking à Naomi about elle relationship, in which boîte she it s okay noticeably flustered. Meanwhile, Cordae is eager to explain the nuances de Jeff Bezos’s regret Minimization Framework, cible he as well gets a au sens propre discombobulated when elle ask the simple questions about comment he and Naomi sapin met. This isn’t Hollywood coy, either. We have a Ph.D. In Hollywood coy. This, ladies et gentlemen, is puppy love—the rarest et most precious love of all. Naomi and Cordae aren’t merely good-looking or talented or trying to change the world; they’re tous of those jambe at once. They’re auto embodiment of toutes les personnes the greatness the next generation has à offer—stylish, outspoken about société justice, well-read, thoughtful around any alors of topics while keeping things low-key—and easily thé coolest young paire on the planet.

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Naomi Osaka & Cordae questioning Each est différent 30 Questions

I met with Naomi and Cordae end a series ns Zooms: individually and then both at thé same time. Cible let’s begin with Naomi. There’s no denying elle has a once-in-a-generation sur le feu inside ns her. She’s a mentee du Kobe, after all, who she sapin met in june 2019. And obviously she a relentless competitor on the court. But she is likewise grounded et self-aware, thé kind ns person who seems à float above the fray, oui if she’s on sa own high frequency. Parce que le someone jeune enough to toujours be on her parents’ health and wellness insurance, she forcing us à re-examine what a young, modern-day athlete can stand for. Specifically when it comes to winning.


On Cordae: Jacket, $2,850, de Greg Lauren. T-shirt, $120, de Jacquemus. Pants, $565, passant par A-Cold-Wall. Sneakers, $70, by Puma. Rings (on index finger), $7,900, and (on ring finger), $5,500, by David Yurman. Earring (throughout), his own. On Naomi: Jacket, $495, and shorts, $425, by Ganni. Shirt, $420, by Maisie Wilen. Sneakers, $120, passant par Nike cf Naomi Osaka x profitez-en des Garç elle started tennis at lâge three et have been a challenger your whole life, basically. Has the importance of winning readjusted at all for you?

Naomi Osaka: that’s a funny question. When ns was younger, winning to be everything. You former your entire life for the match, et you feel favor your precious is validated whether you win jaune lose. Ce used venir be really hefty when i lost, because ns felt prefer that just meant that i was kind du worth nothing. Je feel like ont I thrived up, je learned more and I realized that tons isn’t based on seulement the tennis game I play. It’s sort ns based on au sens propre things, favor your acte as a person. Like saying hello à everyone elle meet and stuff favor that. I feel choose that is much more validating 보다 whether ns win a tennis rencontre or not.

To someone nous the external looking in, starting a profession formidables young appears really toxic.

I can seul speak à la myself, cible I feel like it’s taught je a beaucoup of lessons. Most du them i had venir learn auto hard way. Sauce soja I’m no sure if that’s referred to as toxic or not. It’s auto only tons that je know, if that renders sense. I can’t conçu myself doing anything else or going with any est différent trial- jaune tribulation-type thing. I would say that when ns was younger and going through the process, je wished things were different. Cible I additionally feel prefer surviving ce made moi a stronger person.

One de those moment that ns sure fabriqué you more powerful was beating Serena at auto 2018 U.S. Open. Now, after two years, je vous demande pardon was that really like?

Well, i always think of toutes les personnes my matches oui a tennis match, non matter who je play. And it’s weird, but as a kid, ns always dreamed of playing Serena in auto finals. So pour me cette felt like seul a huge accomplishment à even be there in the first place. Je was just going into ce thinking ce was a tennis match. Et then ns feel like whatever after to be something that ns could ont never ready for. Et I seulement felt merveilleux overwhelmed. Also during the trophy ceremony, je was overwhelmed.

But ns feel choose the moi now sort du understands whatever that took place. Et at the same time, je wish i could have articulated myself better et expressed à everyone mien emotions—say what i really thought. Because i feel like auto media sort ns the récit of how they want à sell things. Et for me, i never saw ce that means when ns was playing.

Specifically elle never observed what?

I never ever saw Serena as bouleversé or anything prefer that. Cette was a tennis match. She was expressing her emotions, cible we were playing tennis. You à savoir what ns mean?

What did tu not say then that elle can to speak now?

Probably just parce que le everyone to arrêter pushing the narrative that Serena to be being mean jaune stuff favor that. à la me ce was weird because, at thé time, i didn’t even savoir they were saying that. After the match, je didn’t oui my phone or anything nous me. I was just eating dinner with ma parents. Et then when i woke increase the next morning, ce was nous the news. So parce que le me, ns was very shocked because, sapin of all, the was the life time i was ever conditions météorologiques the news. Second du all, i felt like cette was for all the not correct reasons. So je feel prefer this is something that I’ve learned over auto years. But I wish je could oui said something back then.


Does it échanger the way tu feel about auto victory?

For me it doesn’t taint anything. Ns would say ce definitely made it very controversial. Cible I feel like anybody that watches tennis would have appreciated thé match. And I likewise feel like ce sort ns shows how super of a figure that Serena is. Anyone in tennis raffinement it, but anyone the beats sa sort of gets thrown into thé spotlight. But I wouldn’t say the that tainted it. Ns would just say that it gave moi a parcelle of experiences in one single work that maybe would oui taken a de nombreux of est différent people a couple of years venir experience.

To me it feels favor whenever two le noir women phat against each another there’s included media attentif that’s often negative. Does it feel the way à you?

I would definitely say it feels different. Seul hearing tu say the makes moi think: there are haricot de soja many tennis players in thé world. Et yet, pour some reason, whenever ns play Serena, lock broadcast cette in a means that’s a rivalry. But it’s not. She won haricot de soja much more than me. So many people can try their entire lifetime and not catch up venir what she done. And that’s miscellaneous that, elle know, ns trying to set as a goal. I’m not even sure it’s faisabilité to à faire everything the she’s done. But it’s likewise weird comment they set ce up choose that.

Are elle ever worried when amie speak out about jambe like race?

When i started thinking about it, yes. Because i feel like all you ever before really need is, like, the first push. Yes a mission where you seul think venir yourself, “Well, there’s ne sont pas turning back now.” haricot de soja I’d say ce definitely did scare je a lot.

When I first posted a declare nous Twitter, avant I was wearing the masks. Je pulled out du a tournament earlier that day, et I to be getting so many notifications—my Twitter has actually never swollen up prefer that before. So seulement getting all those notifications and then gaining texts from, tu know, mien mom telling me she’s proud of me et she hopes that I’m tous right. Stuff prefer that. Realizing thé scale of reach that I oui that ns don’t really practice day venir day.

And then seul accepting et realizing that tennis is a majority blanche sport, which is miscellaneous that ns knew growing up. Everyone sort de knows that. I feel prefer when toutes les personnes think about tennis, castle think ns Wimbledon et wearing blanche clothes et wooden rackets. Sauce soja I’m hope that, elle know, oui the years aller on, that ideology changes.

How would elle describe your partnership with Kobe before he passed?

I would certainly say he was like the older brother/uncle that i wish ns always had. He was someone that, no matter comment busy cette was, à la some reason he always picked up the téléphone when ns called him. And I mental once, after the <2019> U.S. Open, i called that after one of mien matches and he was seulement hanging out v his youngest daughter. He is someone the gave moi advice.

What’s the best advice cette gave you?

I was questioning him questions about comment to handle the media and press when i was acquiring news des postes written about je whenever je lost. Et that was really stressful. Ns remember cette told me, “Imagine the you’re a lion et you’re searching your prey. Sauce soja you view a deer la fin in auto distance. And if tu watch animal Planet, you always see thé lions spring at your prey, et they have gnats roughly their eyes. Think de the media et the press ont gnats, and you’re the lion, soja never comprendre distracted. And you never see the lion trying to swat away auto flies jaune anything favor that.”

The energy is completely different when je talk à Naomi et Cordae together. Obtaining them à answer a very basic question about comment they met takes nearly 10 minutes. Lock giggling. Lock blushing. They’re constantly contradicting each other in a means that feeling endless. The adorable. Cible trying to put ensemble a meaningful timeline du their romantic backstory is tough. Chroniclers will oui to chart their relationship oui if it were the big Bang. The seulement un thing we’re fairly bien sur about is that it happened.

The basic story, ont I understand it, is Cordae et Naomi linked up deux years ago et exchanged téléphone portable numbers. After some back-and-forth, they agreed to meet parce que le a first date at, of tous places, Staples Center, parce que le a Clippers game.

Naomi: nous were conditions météorologiques FaceTime trying to find each est différent because thé arena was soja big. Et I seulement remember seeing the there were haricot de soja many people who wanted à take a photo with him. Et I just thought it was really frais how friendly and welcoming he was v everyone.

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Cordae, is ce true you didn’t know she was a tennis joueur at thé time?

Cordae: Yeah, at the time. The not my sport. Si you asked moi about tennis, antérieur à being immersed in ce because of Naomi, ns could seulement un give you Venus and Serena Williams, you know? due to the fact that they’re seul a part de the culture.

Naomi, walk Cordae play unfinished and new music pour you first?

Naomi: Yeah. Marqué he had à warm up venir me. Et I had to do a lot of pleases. “Please, sir, can je just you re welcome listen venir your song?” Eventually he let me listen à his music, which je feel yes, really grateful and honored about, to be honest. He is a perfectionist, and I think that’s sort du what I un m too. Haricot de soja maybe that’s why we get along.

On Cordae: Jacket, $4,950, by Valentino. T-shirt, $75, par Cotton Citizen. Pants, $295, passant par Paul Smith. Sneakers, $745, passant par Jimmy Choo. Ring, $7,900, de David Yurman. On Naomi: cloak (price upon request) passant par Louis Vuitton. Dress, $650, et socks (price au request) par Acne Studios. Shoes, $740, de Fenty. Earrings, $3,200 each, et ring, $2,800, passant par Chrome Hearts.Has she ever listened to something et been like, “Change this” or “Change that”?

Cordae: No. Je don’t tell her how to swing. That a shared respect.

Naomi: hey also introduces je to a beaucoup of larger music. Songs ns remember my parents hear to. I’m not sure if he’s going to kill me à la saying that.

Like what, Cordae?

Cordae: ce just depends. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye. Gil Scott-Heron. Michael Jackson is my favorite artist of all time. Oh, Chuck—a beaucoup of lining Berry as well. Jimi Hendrix and stuff.

Naomi: growing up, ns feel like je just heard auto hits, you sait what ns mean? the a really amazing thing around him. Cette knows the whole catalog de everyone. Ns feel like auto knowledge that cette has about his craft et his passion is sauce soja much much more vast than mine.

Cordae: you making it work, though! elle making it look good.

I think most personnes found out you guys were date at auto 2019 U.S. Open. What was the like parce que le you, Cordae?

Cordae: ns don’t sait if i ever called Naomi this jaune not, cible I felt yes, really out ns place. Like, the was my sapin time gift in année environment favor that in my entire life. Mien elementary school, center school, high school was 99.9 percent Black. Enfants who look prefer me. Ce just felt really weird à la me gift in that space. That was my sapin tennis jeu ever.

That’s basically favor your first rap concert being Jay-Z at Madison square Garden…and you’re date Jay-Z.

Cordae: i was just about to say that. <Laughs.>

Naomi, many musicians’ lives are nice chaotic and formless. Late nights. Tons of travel. To be there année adjustment period parce que le you when you guys sapin started dating?

Naomi: In thé beginning. Just because he has together a completely different work sacrés than me. Ns start merveilleux early in the morning, and then i end late afternoon. Marqué I feeling like à la him whatever starts at night. So cette was kind ns hard à adjust venir that in auto beginning. Cible when i did, je felt quite comfortable. I wouldn’t say there was a moment where i felt like hey did when hey went to thé Open jaune anything like that.

Dating année artist is traditionally difficult. Is any type of of cette surprising venir you?

Naomi: ns would say ce definitely feels very different. But I never… ns don’t know. Ns never really assumed too much around it. Ns was about à say something really cheesy. Ns glad ns didn’t. Yeah, it’s just… <Even with a pixelated Zoom, je could make out Naomi blushing.>

What would certainly happen si you said something “cheesy”?

Naomi: ns just don’t… je don’t want venir say other cheesy. Je would feel kind of… <Laughs.>

Cordae: She’s seul a boss, man. She aller that boss talk, bro! That’s comment she moves.

“Honestly, he’s quite a romantic dude.” 

Naomi Osaka

On dessus of ordinaire relationship pressure, there’s static that comes through being deux famous toutes les personnes in a relationship. How aller you men navigate that?

Cordae: conditions météorologiques were dating à la almost a year before people knew around us. Soja we kind ns move very reclusively. We don’t really article intimate moments, because i feel as though castle sacred. A connection is yes, really a sacred thing. Oz you let external influences get into it, it becomes less sacred.

On Cordae: Jacket, $4,950, par Valentino. T-shirt, $75, de Cotton Citizen. Pants, $295, par Paul Smith. Sneakers, $745, by Jimmy Choo. Ring, $7,900, de David Yurman. On Naomi: coat (price au request) passant par Louis Vuitton. Dress, $650, and socks (price dessus request) passant par Acne Studios. Shoes, $740, par Fenty. Earrings, $3,200 each, and ring, $2,800, by Chrome Hearts.But periodically there is celeb revolution that is unavoidable. à la example, thé times when Naomi went on the Ellen show. Ellen spent entirely too much temps pushing à la you and Michael B. Jordan venir date. Elle said she texted him. Ellen even displayed a photoshopped billboard of Naomi and MBJ outside elle studio. Granted, elle didn’t savoir you deux were dating at auto time. Cible non-famous people don’t ont to worry about billboards du their girl friend with michael B. Jordan.

Cordae, how did watching the make elle feel?

Cordae: it’s funny. I didn’t even an alert it. Cible Michael B. Jordan is choose my gros brother in actual life. And he sent ce to me and commented conditions météorologiques it. Hey said, “Ellen, you funny ont hell.” i’m a quite secure dude and don’t choose tripping off any ns that. Et I know comment both de us think. reacted in a means that elle should have—versus blowing auto whole instance up. Because nous both savoir what it is.

What’s auto most romantic thing Cordae has ever before done pour you, Naomi?

Naomi: Honestly, he’s rather a romantic dude. This is going to take a little bit of backstory, cible you know how in thé U.S. Open nous had to quarantine et we can not really have a beaucoup of personnes there through us? So à la me i’ll always ont my dad v me, because he’s sort ns like the mec that keeps me calm and he speak one-liners venir keep je happy et stuff like that. He was unable venir travel with moi there. During auto whole nouveau York thing and with every little thing that was going on, je started à feel yes, really depressed. Sometimes i would appel téléphonique Cordae, et maybe in some du the calls je would cry. I don’t remember. <Laughs.> and he flew out, even though cette was yes, really busy. Je really appreciated that.

I’m not sure si I’ve told the that. Je feel like cette actually really helped je win just, like, maintaining up thé motivation.

Cordae, same question.

Cordae: je don’t know. Elle always comes conditions météorologiques tour with me. I don’t know si that counts as sweet or romantic. But that’s pretty tight. It’s choose she’s the seulement un girl in the crew. Tu know how a tour autobus goes: the me, auto band, security, thé homies, tour management, lights, sound engineer. You à savoir what ns saying? She’ll seul take time out of, you know, whatever she got going nous training and things du that nature to just come with us nous tour for, like, two weeks at a time.

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Naomi, go tour-bus tons mess with your routine?

Naomi: Honestly, it did in thé beginning. Cible I sort de got used venir it. Et for me, I’ve been training à la my totality life. It’s seul like a amusant adventure at any time I marche on la tour with him.

Cordae, have you ever before written lyrics around Naomi that don’t oui her surname in it?