Nous Sommes Tous Charlie Hebdo

should publishing a cartoon representation of the prophet Mohammed be punishable de death?

After the massacre of journal staff par lunatic Islamist murderers the took place in parisien two days ago, numerous who think auto answer is "No" have begun displaying buttons jaune placards speak Je être Charlie. I"d wear one myself if je could comprendre one.

The evident allusion (though it"s not clear that cette was intended passant par the original author de the slogan) is the famous climactic "I"m Spartacus" solidarity step in Stanley Kubrick"s 1960 movie Spartacus.

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Linguistically, Je un m Charlie is unequal I"m Spartacus in une respect: it"s ambiguous. Thé verb être ("be") et the verb suivre ("follow") happen à share thé first-person singular existing tense form suis, so Je être Charlie have the right to be review either ont the greatly intended defiant moi aussi solidarity insurance claim (I matin Charlie too, et if amie attack the journal Charlie Hebdo amie attack me), or the much much less dramatic "I monitor Charlie." ns suppose the two meanings might be plan simultaneously, marqué it is for sure the first that predominates.

The pass out is seul there in thé first-person singular. Si we at language Log wanted à say "We room Charlie", taking auto side of Charlie Hebdo quite than auto side de the cold-blooded killers that slaughtered auto staff at auto magazine"s morning editorial conference, the français would be Nous sommes Charlie, et it would mean seul "We space Charlie", not "We monitor Charlie."

All official Muslim commentary on the Paris abattue has voiced shock and disapproval, but un barbecue Radio 4 interviewed a couple of frère Muslims who insist that nothing have the right to justify insulting the prophet, soja the editorial staff and cartoonists in parisien brought your fate upon themselves. This is really quite shocking. The toutes les personnes who host these see truly manquer the alloue of thé kind du society we have in nations like France, Britain, and America. Ce is simply not negotiable pour us whether personnes should be totally free to exprimer unpopular or even repoussante10 views, linguistically or artistically: unless very substantial arguments can be provided that harm will ensue (you don"t volonté to scream "Fire!" in a overfilled theater, jaune threaten someone with death), tu should be free venir hold whatever opinions you oui come to et express lock in any way amie wish.

No matter comment offensive some relaxer might be in (say) the denigration ns religion—possibly your religion—the acte of committing purp against the authors et publishers in reaction jaune revenge against ce is far worse.

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In marche this is because your freedom to practice and preach whatever religieux you pouvez choose (which ouest values take venir be basically unchallengeable) can seul be guaranteed passant par a society free enough à also allow other people à mock or denigrate your religion. Trying venir take away auto latter liberty is not compatible with defending any freedoms at all. So you peut faire think some du Charlie Hebdo"s cartoons have been offensive, cible then ns may think your religieux is offensive. The only way venir build a decent society (or sauce soja we believe in the West) is venir grant both ns us auto freedom to montré ourselves, et to deny us thé right to stille each other.

If Charlie Hebdo publishes product that offends or shocks jaune disgusts jaune infuriates you, then you ont numerous legitimate cours of mouvement open venir you: ignore thé magazine; refuse to buy or read it; picket that is offices; encourager others to boycott it; compose letters informing its editor and publisher you despise them; type a facebook group devoted venir discussing how vile the journal is; write a livre arguing the the magazine is repellent et obnoxious filth…

But why am I telling tu this? si you are auto kind du person that feels over there is justification for slaughtering auto staff of a magazine à la publishing drawings, you will no even have read this far. Langue Log frequently voices faire un don for auto freedom de speech et thought, et it will certainly not be her kind ns website. Tu will probably be nous some website favoring anti-Western et pro-Islamist views instead. Ironically, my view would be that amie should it is in permitted thé freedom venir read such sites and contribute à them, though elle won"t à savoir that, because you will not oui read this far.

You will certainly not even listen when i state my position regarding attacks nous satirical magazines—that any type of attack nous their civil liberties is an attack on mien freedoms too. Je un m Charlie.