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It"s that one-of-a-kind time ns the year for the millions of joueur around the world that make thé EA des sports FIFA vidéo game année annual tradition. Thé newest edition ns the franchise, FIFA 22, is set venir drop and many oui already tried their hand at the jeu ahead of its an international release.

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Not recorded up seul yet nous everything FIFA this year? This handy guider share everything amie need to know before shelling out the cash for the nouveau game.

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FIFA 22 relax date

FIFA 22 globale release date: Friday, Oct. 1

The FIFA 22 global release for tous consoles take away place nous Friday, Oct. 1, 2021 à la following the trend of every FIFA edition due to the fact that FIFA football 2003 released either in the last week ns September or the first week de October.

The game has been available since Monday, September 27 à those who pre-order auto Ultimate Edition.

FIFA 22 will certainly be released on next-gen consoles PlayStation 5, Xbox series X/S, ont well ont Windows, playstations 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch et Google Stadia.

(EA Sports)

FIFA 22 price

This year, the étendard edition du FIFA 22 will expense $59.99 jaune $69.99 in auto USA, depending nous the console.

The can be fried Edition de the jeu is priced at $99.99. This is a unique version of the game which has additional heureux such oui extra packs, kits, items and players à la FIFA ultimate Team and Volta. à la that reason, it"s more expensive 보다 the standard edition and available in both physical copy and download version. 

The Champions Edition de the jeu was discontinued à la FIFA 22.

ConsoleStandard EditionUltimate Edition
Xbox One$59.99$99.99
Xbox series X/S$69.99$99.99
Google Stadia$59.99$99.99
Nintendo Switch$39.99N/A

There are two editions ns FIFA 22 available à purchase: Standard et Ultimate Edition. You importer additional perks through Ultimate Edition, hence thé more expensive price point.

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Standard Edition

Team de the la semaine 1 joueur itemKylian Mbappe loan itemFUT Ambassador Loan player PickCareer mode Homegrown Talent

Ultimate Edition

Untradeable Ones à Watch joueur Item start October 14 Days beforehand AccessDual Entitlement — free PlayStation 5 upgrade4,600 FIFA PointsTeam de the principale 1 player itemKylian Mbappe loan itemFUT Ambassador Loan joueur PickCareer mode Homegrown Talent 

FIFA 22 player ratings

As usual, auto ratings space released before the game and Lionel Messi (PSG) is once again thé best player in FIFA 22 with EA des sports confirming that he has a rating de 93 in the nouveau game.

Bayern Munich front Robert Lewandowski is the seconde highest-rated joueur in FIFA 22 v a rating ns 92 et he is followed par Cristiano tête dhonneur (Manchester United), Kylian Mbappe (PSG), Neymar (PSG), jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid) et Kevin aux Bruyne (Manchester City), that are all rated 91.

RankPlayerPositionFIFA 22 rating
1Lionel MessiRW93
2Robert LewandowskiST92
t3Cristiano RonaldoST91
t3Kevin aux BruyneCM91
t3Kylian MbappeST91
t3Jan OblakGK91
t8Harry KaneST90
t8N"Golo KanteCDM90
t8Manuel NeuerGK90
t8Marc-Andre sol StegenGK90

More nous FIFA 22 player ratings:

FIFA 22 new features

We ran through all the new features in information in a separate post. Although over there is still non VAR in FIFA 22, here are the henchmen highlights ns the nouveau features that will certainly be part ns the nouveau game:

Next Gen 

The playstation 5 et Xbox series X/S versions ns FIFA 22 include thé new HyperMotion gameplay technology which renders the jeu more dynamic and lifelike than ever before before. Making use of match occupation data du pro players in a high intensity, 11-vs-11 rencontre on a full-size field, auto technology have the right to now do player et ball motions look an ext real-life (but only conditions météorologiques next-gen platforms). 


The real-life theme continu to seul up in a alors of other style features: tactical ont that enables players to take up meilleur positions, kinetic air battles, composed round control, true-ball physics, et increased humanization. Over there are also four new skill moves, an Explosive Sprint, and a goalkeeper revamp that will give a different feel to thé game.

Career Mode

There will be significant changes in directeur Career et Player Career. There"s currently a create Your club in directeur Career, which allows tu to ajouter a customized club to the database, et you importer to come up through that club"s identity (name, crest, kit, stadium), ligue assignment and transfer budget. Joueur Career has added manager Ratings et Match Objectives venir help you impress auto boss. Nouveau cinematic sequences et expanded histoires are additionally part ns the nouveau edition.

FUT Heroes

A new card belles called FUT Heroes has been added consisting of former players who fabriquer a major impact at club et international level, including a new dynamic venir squad building in FIFA can be fried Team. If ICONs deserve to be added venir any team, FUT Heroes room each assigned venir a league, so they will ont a strong chemistry attach with all other players from the league. 

EA des sports

Ultimate Team

In addition à FUT Heroes, there is a nouveau seasonal le progrès for division Rivals et a new structure to FUT Champions and FUT champions Finals.


FIFA"s street football mode Volta receive a principale overhaul pour FIFA 22 with a bigger se concentrer sur on skill moves et flair. The Skill Meter payot amplifies goals, thé Skill Tree is revamped, et there are currently eight nouveau mini-games in auto Volta Arcade.

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Pro Clubs

Female pros deserve to now be produced in FIFA 22 in the Pro clubs game mode. And with auto improvements to player Growth, joueur can construct their virtual joueur exactly oui desired, selecting what saint to play and how thé player grows during the Pro clubs career. Player Archetypes et Player perks will additionally be part de the new game. 

Official leagues & clubs

After Juventus (known in FIFA 22 ont Piemonte Calcio), EA des sports has lost more licenses à Pro évolution Soccer (PES) in recent years, including séries A political parties Atalanta, Napoli and Roma. Nouveau teams in the jeu include APOEL (Cyprus), Ferencvaros (Hungary), Welsh page Wrexham — currently owned par Hollywood gibbs Ryan Reynolds et Rob McElhenney — et Hajduk separation (Croatia). Thé Europa conférence League competition, which is nouveau this year, additionally makes it into thé game.

FIFA 22 cover

Kylian Mbappe is the cover étoiles of FIFA 22. Auto France et Paris Saint-Germain étoiles was the face à face of FIFA 21 and will continuez in that function with the nouveau edition:

KMbappeThe #FIFA22 cover star