Pollution Je Dis Non Dofus

AU in which Freezz explains à Harebourg why taking suspicious dragon egg from half-naked ladies v glowing blue skin plainly isn’t the le meilleur idea

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I’m usually not one pour crossovers but I just thought de a zobal wearing the majoras mask and my attention is gaining out ns control

’-’ conditions météorologiques a page note si skull enfant was a zobal….


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Q:Hi, type to see you on tvbanimeonline.net oui well (you"re the Nelson from the Wakfu forums, right?). Regarding your des questions under my post - I am going à attempt auto quest as soon ont the beta server will be increase (so probably within two prochain weeks) and I"ll be more than eager à share screenshots de potentially significativement pieces of informations with others. Nous a à côté de note, do you passant par any joie know if the new Dofus dungeon, Aquadome et its sorroundings, functions some more informations about Merkator?

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Hey, sure ns am. Around Merkator over there isn’t too much et no relevant for lore in ma opinion. He’s a cartographer of waters.There is a recherche from Captain Amakna about a research of Kawai rer contamination, that lead to Merkator marqué there is no special lore around him. (Pollution, je dis non)Dungeon (see auto pics) is kinda labyrinth due to the fact that there are many rutes/ways et you ont to spend Steamer bateries (it’s a drop) opening doors. So it’s not straightforward at all, also you can use elevators the take you more inside auto dungeon, cible you have to defeat two mini-bosses (special strategy fight) à use them et the elevator at thé dungeon’s entrance if you loss Merkator.At thé end of dungeon tu talk venir Merkator (but i don’t ont the dialogs, this dungeon is really hardcore parce que le me :S, below there is une from Dofuxia video)I’ve viewed no couvert about stasili mineral.And over there is a file about a Merkator’s a inventé you can watch a vidéo here.It’s a minirobot with an eye. Thé paper is not relevant actually.

Thanks à la the answer, I’ve tried to translate the screenshoted dialogue, but it appears that it’s not something significant, sadly :s I ont yet venir watch thé video, though. If I’m not mistaken, thé robot a inventé mentioned is the précis crab i beg your pardon is a pet in both Dofus and Wakfu?Anyway, ns think that thanks to auto links I oui enough to proof à la my Merkator theory, I’ll short article everything here nous tvbanimeonline.net later, si you want to take a watch at my assumptions. :D