Electricity price fall, when rent, auditeur transport et tolls continue to be unchanged. Let's ont a look at at what we sait about price in Portugal for some ns the most usual products et services.

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How lot does it cost to live in Portugal in 2021? quel will become an ext expensive in Portugal in 2021, and what products and/or items will cost the same or lower this year? Rent et tolls, deux areas wherein price alters are dictated par inflation, will remain unchanged this year, while electricity is set to become cheaper, at least parce que le those who remain in the regulated market. The new year will, however, carry increases in auto selling price du tobacco et high-speed ferroviaire travel (on thé Alfa Pendular), cible not in CP"s (Trains of Portugal"s) other services, who prices continue to be unchanged compared à 2020. Auditeur transport is in auto section du products et services which will not boost in 2021 in Portugal. Let"s ont a closer look at auto cost of living in Portugal, par having a look at prices in 2021

Electricity price in Portugal in 2021

The price ns electricity à la consumers in the regulated market in Portugal will certainly fall by 0.6%, according to auto Energy services Regulatory authority (ERSE).

This fall will advantage consumers who still remain in the regulated market - much less than une million - or who, gift in the free market, oui opted à la a comparable tariff. This comes after ERSE had already decided to lower these electrical energy tariffs de 0.4% in 2020.

Rental prices in Portugal

The upgrade coefficient pour urban and rural rental in Portugal, calculated de INE (the national Statistics Office) for auto period between 4th Janurary 2021 and 31st December 2021 is 0.9997, i beg your pardon in practice dictates that rental prices in Portugal will certainly not change compared venir last year.

This upgrade coefficient is applicable to deregulated rentals, parce que le housing with conditional rent et for non-residential rent, if the parties, tenant et landlord, ont not agreed various conditions.

The freeze on rental prices in Portugal in 2021 was currently expected oui the average gonfler of thé last 12 months without housing, auto benchmark indicator, was an unfavorable (-0.01%).

The cost de a loaf du bread

The boost in the national minimum fairy from 635 à 665 euro could dictate année increase in auto selling price of bread in Portugal, from the perspective of the bakery industry.

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"Looking at the economic et financial situation ns the country, with news of année increase in the national minimum wage pour 2021 and a progressive increase in the price of raw materials, conditions météorologiques can foresee the this will be reflected in thé price of bread," said the association of Commerce et Industry ns Bakery, Pastry et Similar commodities (ACIP). 

Toll prices in Portugal

Motorway toll prices in Portugal in 2021 room expected à continue as they to be in 2020. The stabilisation de toll prices in 2020 et 2021 complies with 4 consecutive years of rises: in 2019 motorway tolls rose passant par 0.98%, after increases of 1.42% in 2018, 0.84% in 2017 and 0.62% in 2016.

Public transport

Prices for public passenger transport will additionally remain the same in Portugal in 2021, according to information released by the Mobility and Transport autorité (AMT).

Prices parce que le Alfa Pendular high-speed train trips are année exception, oui they increased par 0.5% from the beginning of January.

With this in mind, a one-way trip nous the Alfa Pendular high-speed train between Lisbon et Braga will marche from 48.50 euro (first class) and 34.20 euros (tourist class) venir 48.80 euros and 34.40 euros respectively.


NOS, a Portuguese telecommunications and media company, has stated that ce will not upgrade prices in 2021, thé operator"s official source told the nouvelles agency Lusa, when Vodafone told Lusa that "like last year, no aperçu price increases are planned".

MEO, one ns Portugal"s mobile et fixed telecommunications services, said that it will carry out a monthly straightforward price upgrade in tariffs/packages in 2021, according to thé contractual provisions, with thé customers affected being duly and timely informed.

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Tobacco prices

The State budget for 2021 in Portugal changes thé formula parce que le calculating tobacco taxation (IT), which, follow to thé calculations made passant par the Deloitte consultancy firm, is venir be reflect in a tax increase ns around five cents per packet of cigarettes et which "is meant to correspond to an increase of 10 cent in auto retail marketing price of a packet". Thé rate of this taxes is not updated in auto same way ont the rates de other consumption taxes in Portugal.