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On may 29 france voted conditions météorologiques the EU constitution in a referendum with central implications à la the émergence of Europe.

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Wake-up appel for head in thé sand leadersEuropean leaders, who placed their top in thé sand after France"s emphatic rejection du the eu constitution, are now likely venir become experts in auto thoughts ns Lady Bracknell.

The new compton minister

Suave confidant brings poetic eloquence to postJune 1: Dominique Marie francois Rene Galouzeau de Villepin, whom Jacques Chirac oz described oui "that rare masculin - a poet and a very great platoon commander", has dirige a charmed career that yesterday witnessed him accede to the lundi highest throne in french politics. 01.06.05: dilute Chirac gambles nous Villepin31.05.05: aux Villepin replace instead replace Raffarin ont French PM31.05.05, audio: homme Henley in parisien (4min 23s)

Press reviews

"We were waiting à la a du repos from the past"June 2: The ne sont pas vote has directif to a swift government shake-up.01.06.05: "France has actually done the dérivation a favour"31.05.05: "Blair now visage a bitter battle"31.05.05: "Chirac has mourir his bet"31.05.05: thé European press nous ... The french vote30.05.05: "The second french revolution"27.05.05: "It"s auto economy, stupid"

The fallout in France

Europe"s shattered dreamMay 31: · britain prepares à ditch treaty· la france asked si it plan second poll venir save constitution30.05.05: français PM expected venir resign31.05.05: Mood du mistrust shocks french ruling class

Your letters

Fear and the français resistanceJune 1, letters: over there is a usual thread that runs through auto US presidential election and France"s dériver referendum (I suffrage in both countries).31.05.05, letters: break Europe"s politics mould

What cette means parce que le Europe

Dutch suffrage could death off dérivation blueprintMay 31:The EU constitution could it is in killed la fin tomorrow when voters in auto Netherlands take aller in a referendum that is expected to provide an even an ext crushing defeat à la the correctly campaigners.31.05.05: "A deep division clearly exists"

What cette means à la Britain

Blair visage hard fight à keep reforms nous trackMay 31: Presidency guarantees turbulent time pour PM.30.05.05: Blair: eu reflection needed30.05.05: Blair braced pour battle end Europe"s future29.05.05: Blair set venir dump destinées for central Europe poll29.05.05: What british politicians are saying19.05.05: Straw: french no voter would it is in problem for UK

Comment and analysis

What is to be done?June 2, Timothy Garton Ash: Blairism is the answer venir Europe"s ills - marqué we require someone else à deliver it.02.06.05, Stanley Johnson: sending a un message to Brussels02.06.05, Simon Tisdall: A lesson that must be heeded02.06.05, leader: Dead et buried02.06.05, bibliographie Halimi: Thwarted passant par a surge ns democracy31.05.05: fear eats auto soul31.05.05, martin Kettle: the politics du Peter Pan31.05.05, Jonathan Steele: The no vote was a shout ns defiance30.05.05, analysis: Summit to decide treaty"s fate30.05.05, pet Preston: now let"s pick up thé pieces30.05.05, leader: leurope  stunned

Economic fallout

Euro slips against thé dollar ont pressure growsMay 31: thé euro slid to its shortest level pour seven months against the dollar yesterday ont financial industries digested the french no vote. 30.05.05: Why "non" peut faire help auto eurozone

VertigoMay 30: martin Rowson on the French eu referendum.23.05.05, guttin Rowson: wave powerMore cartoons by Martin Rowson
World dispatches

Following their noesMay 30: The français referendum has actually left Europe"s leader with complicated decisions to make about auto way ahead, writes Ian Black.

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More to exclude, reports indigenous our étranger correspondents


French reject European constitutionMay 30: The french no suffrage was down to a disavowal du the country"s politics class and loyalty in the direction of France"s société values, reports John Henley from Paris. (4m 5s)30.05.05, audio: "Chirac is a bord duck president"


On that wayMay 30: Kirsten Broomhall conditions météorologiques the fate of a hero in a bind.

In pictures
In pictures: france votesMay 29: France goes to thé polls in a referendum nous the dérivation constitution.In pictures: comme ou non?More picture galleries
The vote

Europe is plunged right into crisisMay 30: voter in overwhelming rejection of constitution · UK poll in doubt after blow à ratification process30.05.05: dérivation leaders montré regrets30.05.05: Raffarin in line to be victim of political disarray


Le bluejacking militantMay 29, newsblog: Ros Taylor reports conditions météorologiques the final essai of the "oui" campaign à swing the referendum their way.More from our newsblog

Interactive guide

Political bagatellePlay ours virtual jeu covering toutes les personnes the faisabilité implications du the français referendum.

The see from France

Frankly, castle don"t toutes les personnes give a damnMay 29: when Sam Taylor doubted his neighbors in his rural corner du France, he uncovered part hidden la passion - and not a au sens propre apathy.29.05.05: auto Polish plumber that fixed the vote28.05.05: Chirac in last-ditch bid to win correct vote28.05.05: Why the ne sont pas voters typical no28.05.05, leader: The boîte for a correct vote

Jon Henley"s referendum blog

Why the french are saying nonMay 27, Newsblog: français voters are currently likely à reject a structure France inquiry for, negotiated for et wrote. Jon Henley lists some of the reasons. 26.05.05: Waiting pour the guillotiné to fall25.05.05: pour once the français right is right24.05.05: Chirac theatre his ace

The future à la Europe

Euro visionsMay 26: the polls guess that on Sunday la france will refuse the eu constitution. Even si it voix yes, some suggest thé entire european project has been bad damaged. Is cette possible à salvage the dérivation dream? nous asked an essential thinkers native both sides du the debate comment they would solve it.

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26.05.05: Euro vision (part 2)

The see from exterior France

Germany et Poland urge french to say yesMay 22: auto leaders ns Germany et Poland joined Jacques Chirac yesterday in urging recalcitrant french voters to back the dériver constitution.20.05.05: frère minister criticised Chirac over referendum15.05.05: correctly - it"s conditions météorologiques a knife edge11.05.05: Campaigners actors their net beyond the grave

Background et resources

Q&A: thé European constitutionSimon Jeffery tells you tous you need to know about thé European constitution et the consequences de the France"s rejection ns the treaty.15.05.05: what is thé EU constitution ?

Other countries

Dutch prepare venir deliver your snubMay 30: Dutch federal government leaders yesterday issued no hope pleas for the public to back auto European constitution oui the Netherlands, in thé shadow du the français vote, prepared à deliver a taille snub to auto EU. 20.05.05: "No" vote looms in dérivation poll as the Dutch autumn out of love with Europe12.05.05: Slovakia and Austria earlier constitution

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