This is the phone made for people who want it all. It"s packed with features tailor-made for fans on all kinds—whether you love sầu photography, gaming or filling your feed with all that inspires you. This is the phone that leaves compromise behind, delivering the innovations of Galaxy Străng tròn 5G to lớn make incredible công nghệ available to all.

Meet Galaxy Sđôi mươi FE 5G

With an impressive sầu spectrum of beautiful hues to choose from, Galaxy S20 FE 5G comes in colors sure to suit your unique style—from big and bold to lớn subtle & sleek.

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Equipped with Galaxy Sđôi mươi 5G"s same revolutionary cameras, Galaxy Străng tròn FE 5G lets you snapshot moments your way. Frame up the whole fam with Wide-angle Camera, capture more of the world with Ultra Wide Camera, or get up cthua trận & personal with Telephoto lớn Camera.

Sđôi mươi 5G operates in conjunction with a Sony image sensor.



A woman sitting in an open window, with a chandelier shining in the background. One shot with Galaxy S20 FE 5G without Night mode, and the other shot with Night mode. The image shot with Night mode is clear, detailed, & featuring more color than the other photo.

When it"s dark, the Galaxy S20 FE 5G"s rear camera uses advanced AI to pull in more light, so your shots come out detailed & colorful.5


Single Take turns you inlớn a pro-level nội dung creator with one tap of the shutter. Shoot for up to 15 seconds & then let your phone bởi vì the work. Once it"s done, head to lớn the Gallery khổng lồ discover a variety of videos, photos and more.6


Galaxy Sđôi mươi FE 5G seen from the front with the Camera interface onscreen, showing Single Take mode. Several different photos appear to show the different styles Galaxy Sđôi mươi FE 5G can produce when you use Single Take.

Take your selfies và vlogs to lớn a whole new màn chơi with Galaxy Sđôi mươi FE 5G"s 32MPhường Front Camera và be the shining star of every shot.

With barely-there bezels và a super small punch hole for the camera, the 6.5" FHD Infinity-O Display lets you dive sầu into gaming, streaming and video calling without anything blocking your view.2

When you"re connected lớn the network with Galaxy Sđôi mươi FE 5G, you can game on in real time with little lag, download at lightning fast speeds & experience crystal clear video calls.5


Galaxy Sđôi mươi FE 5G with a scene from Forza Horizon 4 onscreen showing the detail you can experience in your games with 5G speeds.



A smoother scrolling screen to lớn keep up with all your feed.*

*Compared to lớn Galaxy S10.

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Side-by-side comparison of the smooth scroll difference between a display set khổng lồ 60Hz and a display set lớn 120Hz.

Live your life without worrying where you can plug in your phone. The 4500mAh (typical) battery has the power lớn outlast your day and the intelligence khổng lồ save power for the things you vì most.8, 9

Take full advantage of fast data speeds & cloud-based content with our latest S20 chipphối innovation & 6GB of RAM. Plus, the enhanced NPU takes performance to lớn a new màn chơi, so switching from tiện ích khổng lồ phầm mềm is seamless, livestreams come through clear và you"ve got power enabling you lớn game on lớn victory.

With 128GB built in and the ability to store up lớn 1TB more on a microSD card*, you can delete pics và videos because you want lớn, not because you have lớn.

*MicroSD card sold separately.

When your Galaxy Sđôi mươi FE 5G gets a little wet, there"s no need lớn panic—it"s rated IP68 for water and dust resistance & can stand up lớn 1.5 meters of water for up lớn 30 minutes.11

*Galaxy Tab S7, Watch3, Buds Pro, and Fit2 sold separately. Availability may vary by carrier or retailer.

Super Steady Shaky action shots are smoothed out with advanced AI stabilization.

Super Fast Charging Like a power nap for your phone. Plug in to get more than 50% charge in 30 minutes with the 25W Super Fast Charger.12

Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 Set down your phone for a supercharged power-up in a flash.13

Wireless PowerShare You can charge your buds, watch, and even a friend’s phone.14

*Earbuds và watch sold separately. DeX Wirelessly connect khổng lồ your TV to multitask in a whole new way.15, 16

Quiông xã Share Simply pull up the sharing panel and tap on your nearby friends to lớn chia sẻ.17