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It’s to be a very longue wait parce que le the Star guerre Saga to venir on Blu-ray Disc, et as expected it’s been accompanied par no petit amount du hype et controversy, ont always seems to be the boîte with any nouveau release du these films. I’ve reviewed toutes les personnes of the film here at The Bits before, of course, soja there’s little reason pour me venir delve into that aspect of the release again.

Vous lisez ce: Star wars saga blu ray

Suffice cette to say the the original Star Wars trilogy had actually a strong formative collision on me as a child, ont it did nous so many others of ma generation. That suffer was soja powerful, in fact, that it’s hard to separate those emotions out of any critical discussion of thé films. Many du you probably share the same complex history with the films, jaune you wouldn’t be analysis this. Whether you love, hâte or love/hate thé Star Wars films, there’s ne sont pas shortage de opinions nous the matter, most du them quite passionate.

Frankly, over there are also now nearly as many different versions du these films oui there are opinions. Star Wars créateur George Lucas has actually been tweaking et fiddling with these film – making alters both large et small – due to the fact that 1981, once he life altered thé opening title crawl of thé original film (for a theatrical re-issue) native Star Wars venir Star Wars: episode IV – A new Hope. In thé 34 years because the original release, we’ve seen various theatrical incarnations, thé Special Editions de the so late 1990s, thé prequels, thé DVD versions and now these new Blu-ray versions. Make no mistake, these are new versions of the films. Thé changes nous the Blu-rays space many and largely subtle, including color-timing fixes, boosted lightsaber blades, remixed 6.1 scores et the favor – most de which truly à faire improve thé movie-viewing experience. Then there are a couple of larger changes – changes that don’t make the film better, soja much as just different. For example, in A new Hope, thé “dragon” sound Obi-Wan makes to scare éteindre the Sandpeople is new. In Return du the Jedi, the Ewoks blink and Darth Vader shouts “Nooo!” as he saves éclore from auto wrath de the Emperor. Even thé prequel film have been readjusted a peu – Yoda is now all-digital in The Phantom Menace.

These changes, du course, have outraged many longtime ventilateur of the films since word of them tons began leaking nous the linternet weeks ago. Frankly, I’m not sure si it’s the changes us that conduire fans more crazy at this mettre en ordre as seul the truth that Lucas appears unable to stop making them. In any kind of case, auto real outrage started when Lucas changed A new Hope venir make Greedo shoot before Han back in 1997 (for thé record, on the Blu-ray they now shoot simultaneously) et it hasn’t abated since. à la my own part, ns certainly go through mien cycle du anger and outrage, et now i mostly seul don’t care anymore. I have come to expect transforms every time these films are released and I’ve retained my original laserdisc copies. The étrange thing is, je think most ventilateur wouldn’t entente the alters at all as long ont the original versions to be available on the Blu-rays ont well (perhaps passant par seamless branching). Marqué Lucas seems determined à erase them from history, going to far oui to bald lie in declare that auto negatives were damaged when cette made the Special Editions – a claim sauce soja outrageous et blatantly false to anyone that understands how film are edited et preserved in thé modern era that parce que le me... Well, the was the last straw.

For those de you who la ruée the past changes (and the nouveau BD changes), believe je I get it. Allow me just say, cette could it is in a de nombreux worse. La source well-positioned to know have told je that Lucas actually seriously thought about replacing the puppet Yoda from The riche Strikes Back and Return du the Jedi with the all-digital version, and even had expérience conducted venir see how it would look. Fortunately, cooler top prevailed. (For the record, ns told the the digital Yoda just didn’t watch right or mesh fine with the real, physical, practical Dagobah sets. Shocking, i know.) In any type of case, the film are quel they room – changes and all – and now they’re lastly available nous Blu-ray.

So how faire the films look and sound on disc in 1080p HD and with 6.1 DTS-HD ma soundtracks? Well... à la the most aller quite good. Surprising in numerous ways actually. They’re definitely not increase to thé quality of the meilleur current HD masters nous the format, but they’re far meilleur than i was expecting. Ns going to talk around the d’origine trilogy vidéo quality first, followed passant par the prequels, et then I’ll speak generally around the laudio presentations. It’s fairly common understanding that thé Blu-rays to be mastered from auto same HD scans that were used for the DVD release ago in 2004. That method these transfers room at the very least 8 year old – very tarif from state du the art. Venir make matters worse, those scans were done at close to HD resolution – not the 4K, 6K, or even 8K ns current negative scans for cinématicien restoration et BD release purposes, but essentially 2K (something like 1828x1556 à la a scope cinématique image), i m sorry was at some point exported to 480p parce que le DVD (and later on 1080p à la Blu-ray). Ont most of you know, those DVD presentations were rife with visuel problems, sauce soja the prospects à la any quality BD release utilizing these transfers appeared dim. Surprisingly, however, Lucasfilm and Lowry numérique have gone venir a great deal de trouble to correctement those problems. Pour one thing, many ns the worst color-timing issues of the DVDs have been fixed – not all of them à be sure and not completely, but at least to the point where castle not soja egregious. Some ns the inconsistencies du the lightsaber coloring oui been changed too. More ns the obvious “garbage” mattes have been removed. Most de the snow Speeder cockpits in Empire are less see-through. Visual errors large and small in all of the d’origine trilogy film have to be corrected. Venir be fair, there are encore flaws in this transfers tandis que to the fact the they’re nearly a decade old and were fabriqué at such meugler resolution. These incorporate occasional edge halos, crushed blacks et somewhat oversaturated colors. (For auto record, i’m not encouraged that thé crushed blacks et oversaturated couleurs are a defect haricot de soja much oui a intended choice on Lucas’ part. They’ve been visible in these film since at the very least 1997, haricot de soja it’s hard venir say.) over there are likewise artifacts due to all the numérique manipulation work-related that’s to be done, consisting of filtering, static comportement in pick shots, etc. A new Hope is the most “crisp” looking du the three films, as Empire and Jedi to be both shot with a on purpose softer look, utilizing atmospheric smoke and fog et more subtle, intricate lighting than the original film. Tous three films occasionally watch soft in assorted scenes – or around auto edges du the structure – fan to the use ns anamorphic lenses. Jedi additionally has je vous demande pardon appears à be a it is registered problem around halfway through the cinématique (from 54:30 à 58:33, from auto Rebels’ arrival nous Endor to auto start du the Speeder cycle chase). Cette manifests itself ont a slight loss de resolution in the image. This is visible in thé HD master à la cable et satellite broadcasts ont well, sauce soja it’s definitely a difficulty with the d’origine master – something that might ont happened when the films were gift scanned. However... Tous that said, there’s toujours plenty ns detail in thé images, the couleurs pop et the blacks are nicely dark. I ont a strong suspicion that auto vast majority du Star Wars ventilateurs are going à be enjoyment with quel they see. The fixé to the masters, the greater HD resolution et the high data rates Blu-ray offers combine to really provide a massive improvement in vidéo quality right here from thé DVDs. Regardless ns the concerns that remain, this is by far the best these film have ever before looked at home.

The prequel film are a somewhat various animal, obviously. When The Phantom Menace to be shot on film, Attack du the Clones and Revenge du the Sith to be again shooting in HD resolution utilizing high-definition cameras. Du the three, Revenge of the Sith look at absolutely spectacular, v highly-refined detail, lustrous colors et deep shadows. You’re see almost thé level de quality that auto filmmakers experienced as soon as making it – this is basically a port ns the numérique master files. Sauce soja too is Attack ns the Clones, cible Clones ill a bit from auto fact that thé state of the de lart in HD cameras et digital fabrication evolved rather substantially between thé time de its filming and that of Revenge ns the Sith. Clones has a rather softer spring image, and the use de noise reduction and filtering on visage in specific is much more apparent. Strangely, Phantom Menace is the worst looking of the three. The shouldn’t be thé case, because thé original cinématique negatives should ont plenty du detail. However, cette appears the a deliberate selection was fabriqué to change this film’s look at slightly à be much more consistent with thé “smooth” numérique look of Episode II and III. Noise reduction has been applied venir reduce image actes and film-related artifacts. Sadly, thé result is that affronter now watch waxy et unnatural. The not as bad oui many other films using DNR – Patton jaune Predator à la example – marqué it’s toujours noticeable et wasn’t yes, really necessary. Nous the différent hand, you’re now seeing contempt more ns the original cinématique image in The Phantom Menace here conditions météorologiques Blu-ray than amie did in the past DVD et laserdisc releases. Apparently, when the original video masters to be done, the la peinture was cropped too tightly. Soja there’s miscellaneous of année improvement below too.

Thankfully, the new 6.1 DTS-HD lossless laudio mixes à la these films are damn close to perfect. Thé soundfields are toutes les personnes smooth, aggressive et highly immersive, there is no sounding unnatural or overly directional. Thé Star Wars film have constantly had a slightly harsh tone venir their soundtracks, given the use de machine noise and other electronically-processed atmospheric effects, but I think these film sound meilleur than ever here conditions météorologiques Blu-ray. Bass is thunderous, dialogue is clear, and there’s great latmosphère and dynamic range. Listen to thé scene ont Artoo rôle through thé canyon in A nouveau Hope. Elle can actually “hear” the stille – auto sense of open space. Meilleur of all, john Williams’ familiar and beloved scores space perfectly staged in auto mix. There room subtle transforms to the mixes here and there (Ben’s “dragon” call, Vader’s lines at auto end ns Jedi, the tonal quality ns Aunt Beru’s voice when elle calls luke in A nouveau Hope), marqué for the most part this is exactly comment the film are supposed à sound – faithful to comment you psychic them. I’m thrilled to say that the reversed music in auto surrounds in A new Hope has been fixed, and the familiar trumpet fanfare ont the X-Wings dive à begin their attack nous the Death étoiles is also revitalized (it was hidden in the mélanger on thé DVDs). Over there are also a few new au sens propre subtle sound impacts that were apparently recorded pour the films but either went unused jaune they to be essentially incompréhensible in the original mixes. Pour example, in auto Rebel Command centre in A nouveau Hope, you’ll now hear slightly more pilot com chatter – signification littérale things favor that. Bottom line: i’m thrilled with these nouveau sound mixes. This is a an excellent BD laudio experience.

All right, let’s go through thé set disc par disc. I’ll highlight the suppléments on each, give ma quality grades et offer a couple of additional comments whereby appropriate.

Disc une – thé Phantom Menace

The extras on this disc include the original DVD laudio commentary (with George Lucas, légèrement McCallum, ben Burtt, rob Coleman, john Knoll, Dennis Muren and Scott Squires) et a new “archival” Blu-ray laudio commentary (with Ahmed Best, Gavin Bocquet, ben Burtt, Doug Chiang, verrouiller Coleman, Nick Gillard, Samuel L. Jackson, homme Knoll, Jake Lloyd, George Lucas, légèrement McCallum, Ian McDiarmid, Ewan McGregor, Dennis Muren, Liam Neeson, ray Park, Natalie Portman et Scott Squires). Laudio is easily accessible in English 6.1 DTS-HD, English (Descriptive), Spanish, français (Québécois) et Portuguese 5.1 dolby Digital and French 5.1 DTS. Subtitles are accessible in English (for auto Deaf and Hard ns Hearing), Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian et Danish.

The original DVD audio commentaries were certainly fine, cible the nouveau “archival” commentary tracks for toutes les personnes these film are brillants – well worth auto time cette takes à listen to them, especially for the classic trilogy films. Castle assembled from plenty of interviews that oui been carried out over the years, part newly-recorded et some from the time ns the film’s production. Look at everyone involved in each cinématicien chimes in with signification littérale stories, insights, memories and other interesting battre of information, some de which have never have heard before. Meilleur of all, caption text identifies each speaker à la you as they begin talking. Et in a very frais touch, both laudio commentaries are obtainable with optional inscription translation in all the included caption languages, so everyone can fully enjoy the commentary experience. This attribute is obtainable on toutes les personnes the films in this set.

Film Rating: CDisc Ratings (Video/Audio): C/A

Disc deux – Attack ns the Clones

The suppléments on this rusé include the original DVD laudio commentary (with George Lucas, rick McCallum, ben Burtt, pillage Coleman, john Knoll, Pablo Helman et Ben Snow) and a new “archival” Blu-ray sonner commentary (with ben Burtt, Hayden Christensen, rob Coleman, Nick Gillard, Pablo Helman, Samuel L. Jackson, john Knoll, Christopher Lee, George Lucas, meule McCallum, Ian McDiarmid, Ewan McGregor, Temura Morrison, Natalie Portman, Jimmy Smits, ben Snow and John Williams). Sonner is easily accessible in English 6.1 DTS-HD, English (Descriptive), Spanish, français (Québécois) and Portuguese 5.1 désoby Digital et French 5.1 DTS. Subtitles are obtainable in English (for thé Deaf et Hard de Hearing), Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian et Danish.

Film Rating: DDisc Ratings (Video/Audio): B+/A

Disc three – Revenge du the Sith

The suppléments on this rusé include the original DVD sonner commentary (with George Lucas, empiler McCallum, verrouiller Coleman and Roger Guyett) et a new “archival” Blu-ray audio commentary (with Trisha Biggar, Gavin Bocquet, ben Burtt, Silas Carson, Hayden Christensen, verrouiller Coleman, Anthony Daniels, Nick Gillard, roger Guyett, Samuel L. Jackson, homme Knoll, Christopher Lee, George Lucas, rick McCallum, Ian McDiarmid, Ewan McGregor, Temura Morrison, Natalie Portman and Jimmy Smits). Laudio is available in English 6.1 DTS-HD, English (Descriptive), Spanish, french (Québécois) and Portuguese 5.1 désoby Digital et French 5.1 DTS. Subtitles are available in English (for the Deaf et Hard of Hearing), Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian et Danish.

Film Rating: C+Disc Ratings (Video/Audio): A/A

Disc four – A nouveau Hope

The extras on this rusé include the original DVD sonner commentary (with George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, ben Burtt et Dennis Muren) and a nouveau “archival” Blu-ray sonner commentary (with Kenny Baker, ben Burtt, Richard Chew, Anthony Daniels, peter Diamond, john Dykstra, Richard Edlund, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Stuart Freeborn, Alec Guinness, marque Hamill, pôle Hirsch, Gary Kurtz, George Lucas, peter Mayhew, Ralph McQuarrie, Dennis Muren, ordinaire Reynolds, Phil Tippett and Robert Watts). Audio is easily accessible in English 6.1 DTS-HD et English (Descriptive), Spanish, French and Portuguese 5.1 dolby Digital. Subtitles are available in English (for auto Deaf and Hard of Hearing), Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian et Danish.

Film Rating: ADisc Ratings (Video/Audio): B/A

Disc five – The empire Strikes Back

The extras on this épais include the original DVD laudio commentary (with George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Carrie Fisher, ben Burtt and Dennis Muren) et a new “archival” Blu-ray sonner commentary (with Jeremy Bolloch, ben Burtt, Anthony Daniels, pet Diamond, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Stuart Freeborn, Steve Gawley, Alec Guinness, mark Hamill, joe Johnston, Lawrence Kasdan, Irvin Kershner, Gary Kurtz, George Lucas, péter Mayhew, Ralph McQuarrie, Dennis Muren, franc Oz, Ken Ralston, normal Reynolds, Robert Watts et Billy Dee Williams). Audio is accessible in English 6.1 DTS-HD et English (Descriptive), Spanish, French et Portuguese 5.1 désoby Digital. Subtitles are easily accessible in English (for the Deaf and Hard du Hearing), Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

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Film Rating: A+Disc Ratings (Video/Audio): B/A

Disc six – Return of the Jedi

The extras on this rusé include the d’origine DVD laudio commentary (with George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, ben Burtt and Dennis Muren) and a nouveau “archival” Blu-ray laudio commentary (with Kenny Baker, charge Bloom, Jeremy Bolloch, bénier Burtt, Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davis, pet Diamond, Richard Edlund, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Stuart Freeborn, Steve Gawley, signe Hamill, paul Huston, Lawrence Kasdan, Howard Kazanjian, George Lucas, Ian McDiarmid, Ralph McQuarrie, Dennis Muren, franc Oz, Ken Ralston, normal Reynolds, Phil Tippett, Robert Watts, Billy Dee Williams and John Williams). Laudio is accessible in English 6.1 DTS-HD et English (Descriptive), Spanish, French et Portuguese 5.1 désoby Digital. Subtitles are obtainable in English (for auto Deaf et Hard of Hearing), Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Film Rating: B-Disc Ratings (Video/Audio): B-/A

Disc 7 – bonus Disc 1 – episodes I-III Archives

Extras on this bonus disc room arranged par the “worlds” checked out in auto film. Rather than list toutes les personnes the extras included here, i think it’s better (and certainly more fun) for you à discover and explore them toutes les personnes on your own. But in general, heureux for each cinématicien includes cassettes vidéo interviews du the cast et crew, deleted et extended scenes, 360-degree “turnarounds” offering amie detailed looks at miscellaneous models et props checked out in the film (some v optional video “commentary” featurettes through members du the crew talk about thé item in question) et galleries of concept de lart (including drawings, matte paintings and more).

Note that most du this material is in complete HD, except where cette was shot or produced in standard-definition video. The deleted scenes pour the prequel films are tous new (in addition to those found nous the vault DVDs) et none ns the turned off scenes from the DVDs oui carried over. There space 22 deleted/extended scene from the prequels in all. Notable amongst these are the Jedi attack nous the droid Control ship from auto end ns Attack ns the Clones (which to be briefly available on Star et a step in i m sorry Yoda communes with the late Qui-Gon par the forces from thé end ns Revenge de the Sith. Most of the turned off scenes à la the prequels space rough SD vidéo animatics, but some room actual HD vidéos when the scenes were totally shot et finished. I oui a feeling that in enhancement to thé deleted scenes, many ventilateurs are yes, really going to enjoy the de lart galleries et turnarounds. Yes some frais stuff included, much of which was only seen briefly in thé actual films, and all of that material is had in HD.

This crème disc offers the loption to “Play All”, turn éteindre the menus audio et obtain help. Subtitles à la the suppléments are also obtainable in English (for auto Deaf et Hard de Hearing), Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese.

Disc Eight – bonus Disc 2 – episodes IV-VI Archives

Again, the extras on this crème discs room arranged passant par the “worlds” watched in auto film. Heureux for each cinématique includes vidéos interviews of the cast et crew, deleted et extended scenes, 360-degree “turnarounds” de the assorted models and props viewed in the film (some through optional vidéos “commentary” featurettes) and galleries of concept de lart (drawings, matte paintings, etc). Elle also get année HD Archive Fly-Through featurette which takes you inside and around thé prop et costume archive nous the Skywalker Ranch parce que le a look at some of the treasures cette holds.

Without a doubt, the principale treats here are auto deleted et extended scenes from the original trilogy – some 23 in all. This are all shot nous film and presented in HD. Thé quality is a peu rough. Some of the footage shows up in color et some in B&W, marqué it toutes les personnes still watch fairly good – far meilleur than a few de these scenes looked nous the Star Wars: Behind thé Magic CD-ROM venir be sure. Every little thing you’ve ever wanted venir see is here. Native A new Hope, you’ll see éclore watching the battle in space, racing venir Toshi station to tell his friends, see Biggs and having a long dialogue with him; a rough-cut de the whole cantina scene avec more creatures et Han Solo’s girlfriend (notable here is that you get to view the original Greedo death); and more de the reunion of Biggs and Luke at the Rebel base. From Empire, all of auto Wampa strike scenes space included; there’s a longer conversation between Han and Leia in auto Rebel aménagements hallway; there’s more of luke being treated in the Med Center; elle see Luke and Leia nearly kissing during his recovery; there’s an alternate Han/Leia kiss on the Falcon; un autre scene de Yoda maintain Luke and more. Et from Jedi, you’ll see luke making his lightsaber; thé heroes returning à their pearl in a sandstorm nous Tatooine; more de the Rebel attack conditions météorologiques the Endor bunker; auto Death étoiles commander’s conflict when ordered by the Emperor to destroy Endor; and a bunch of unused footage du Rebel fighter pilots indigenous the critique battle, including une that can be someone’s grandmother! It’s all just VERY frais material.

Again, this crème disc supplies the loption to “Play All”, turn éteindre the menu audio and obtain help. Subtitles for the suppléments are also easily accessible in English (for thé Deaf and Hard ns Hearing), Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese.

Disc nine – bonus Disc le 3 – Documentaries & Spoofs

Finally, this last détective in auto set has a number of new and vintage documentaries. Some are presented in HD et some in SD. Consisted of are The make of étoiles Wars (1977 – 49 mins), SPFX: The riche Strikes Back (1980 – 48 mins), Classic Creatures: the Return ns the Jedi (1983 – 48 mins), Anatomy of a Dewback (1997 – 26 mins), Star Warriors (2007 – 84 mins – this is auto piece conditions météorologiques the 501st Legion), Star guerres Tech (2007 – 46 mins) et A conversation with auto Masters: The empire Strikes ago – 30 years Later (2010 – 25 mins – this is new et definitely the le meilleur of auto lot, avec interviews with Lucas, director Irvin Kershner just antérieur à he passed far last year, Lawrence Kasdan and John Williams). Amie also comprendre the new Star guerre Spoofs compilation (98 mins), i m sorry includes agrafe from scores of fun, funny et infamous spoofs of the Star Wars films. Consisted of are clips from Saturday Night Live, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, The Muppet Show and many more. This gets principale points for including facture dachat Murray singing a lounge dépense of the Star Wars theme nous classic SNL, marqué loses points à la not including anything indigenous Hardware Wars, i m sorry is one ns the meilleur (and to be certainly thé first) Star Wars spoof.

Yes, the true that there space some considérable things missing from this disc. The meilleur of auto vintage “making of” documentaries, from Star Wars venir Jedi: the Making ns a Saga, is no included. No one is thé fantastic Empire of Dreams enregistrer from the original trilogy DVDs, jaune The Beginning from the Episode I DVD. One can only assume the Lucasfilm figured most fans would encore want to keep your DVDs too, sauce soja having Empire du Dreams et The Beginning right here would oui been redundant. Still, having actually at the very least Empire de Dreams in true HD would ont been yes, really nice, et there’s ne sont pas excuse à la omitting From étoiles Wars venir Jedi, specifically when Star Warriors – mince though it may be – is practically certainly only going à be of interest à members du the 501st Legion. Ah well. Yes also ne sont pas sign ns the Star guerre Holiday Special, despite you do see clips of it here and there. Glimpses of the Boba Fett film danimation are included in A dialoguées with thé Masters, et some ns the A new Hope deleted scenes were later on recycled for use in auto Holiday Special. One can dream. In the meantime, it’s commonly available nous bootleg DVD.

Note that caption options conditions météorologiques this disc are a précis more varied, including English (for auto Deaf and Hard de Hearing), Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Greek.

In the end, if these suppléments can’t specifically be referred to as complete, yes sir absolutely no doubt that thé material you faire get is great et wonderful à have. Thé 45 turned off scenes from these film in certain are a rare and unexpected treasure. Frankly, it’s almost worth to buy this collection just parce que le the original trilogy turned off scenes alone.


We’ve been commander to believe de Lucasfilm the there room a couple of Easter eggs hidden in this set, marqué we’ve yet venir locate any. Thé discs’ menu are tous fairly easy and intuitive venir navigate and use, though ma Oppo did ont trouble churning with them smoothly at times. (Everything functioned fine, cible the menus were a au sens propre glitchy from temps to time.) tous of this comes enclosed in hardback livre style packaging, in auto pages ns which auto discs are hosted securely. A small paper booklet is consisted of that lists thé extras heureux on the crème discs, in addition to credits. Tous of this slides right into a tough outer slipcase. Je actually rather like the packaging in general. It’s sturdy, holds thé discs safely and yet lock easy to access. I must say, however, I’m no thrilled with auto artwork conditions météorologiques the outside de the des boites – virtually anything would ont been meilleur than a watercolor du Jake Lloyd. Ne sont pas offense to thé artist, marqué ugh. Anyway... Cette doesn’t appear that Lucasfilm has consisted of Digital copie of any kind – no one are on the discs and there’s no couvert of a download in auto package.

A number of fans have complained about thé fact that the d’origine theatrical versions ns the classic film are not included in this Blu-ray set. While it’s true and is absolutely a legitimate complaint, no fan in your right mind could seriously have expected them to be included, given Lucas’ attitude in auto past. Still, I have a sneaking apprehension that Lucas is walking to oui to release the original versions ns the film at some point in the future. The reason i’ve started à believe that is because ns the deleted scenes that were included nous these Blu-rays. This is product that Lucas has actually been reluctant à make available in the past, cible they to be needed pour this Blu-ray set simply to give ventilateur a compelling reason to buy the film again. After this Blu-ray release, i just don’t see anyone buying these films again parce que le any factor (certainly not for 3D!) uneven those original versions space part du the package. Regardless, even if there’s never année authorized release, remainder assured that so many prints of those original films exist in thé hands de film archives (and also private collectors) around auto world that, sooner or later, who is going venir throw them up on année HD scanner, make high-quality HD masters and release them ont bootlegs – either parce que le free online, or on BD-R jaune other numérique media sold at conventions. How à faire I à savoir that? Well, i’ve actually had actually bootleg HD copie of the “special edition” Star Wars film for a coupler years now, master from european HD satellite broadcasts, fabriquer available online and burned to BD-R media. To trust me, the original versions will certainly be easily accessible eventually in HD, legally jaune not. Frankly, the sooner Lucas realizes this et takes proactive steps to release castle himself the better.

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So is thé 9-disc Star Wars: auto Complete Saga Blu-ray caisse set precious buying? Speaking parce que le myself – and I think probably parce que le a majority of ventilateur of these film – the answer is yes. Oui I said, auto deleted scenes alone are virtually reason enough à buy the set. Nous top de that, the simple fact du the issue is that these film – especially the d’origine trilogy – ont simply never looked meilleur at loger than they do here. Thé video quality, while frais from perfect, is so far superior to thé previous DVDs that there’s really non comparison. Genuine steps ont been taken venir improve the faults of the DVD masters et to exactement things fans have complained around with auto DVD A/V presentations. And the nouveau 6.1 DTS-HD soundtracks are merely outstanding. Yes, over there are an ext changes to auto films et if the bothers tu enough à not want à buy this set, je totally recognize that. And yes, the set no cheap, cible it’s available pour good sale prices nous Amazon and at most other retailers. I ont little doubt that ont we approach thé holidays the discounts will certainly grow even deeper. So si you can set aside your irritation around the new alterations to the films – or si they never bothered you to begin v – climate I have to speak this Blu-ray set is certainly recommended. Believe ce or not, yes sir a toujours at the very least a little peu of drôle left in this old Saga.

As parce que le the rest ns you, solemnly sworn à deny Lucas autre dollar du your money until he gives you the d’origine theatrical cuts... Well, hang in there. Could be a while, marqué one of these days, one way jaune another, it’s inevitable. In the meantime, look for solace in the forces young Jedi (and your old laserdiscs)!