The statue du Zeus is one of the seven wonders of the old world. Cette is a chryselephantine statue, which means ce was fabriquer of ivory et gold. Background has no left nous any vestiges of this statue, cette has to be destroyed, and there are very few representations dating earlier to the time ce existed, i beg your pardon makes it one of the marvels a au sens propre apart, pour which doubts continue to be about thé reality de its form, the position du Zeus, that attributes, and so on. That history, however, is fairly well known. His builder is Phidias, an Athenian sculptor who did a comparable work shortly avant that de Olympia which serves us oui a referral today, marqué this artist was known for other sculptures. Cette created thé statue ns Zeus in 436 BC.

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The statue of Zeus

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Model du Olympia


Model de Olympia

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Successive temples

The archaic temple

The temple de Zeus in the sense that nous hear it nowadays was not the life on this site. Thé history ns Olympia begins as early oui the 8 hours century BC through the life Olympic stratagème in 776 BC. During the 7th century a tons temple was developed to auto south de Mount Kronios, cette served as a cult centre for thé site. Ce was ns Doric style, marqué its wooden columns were replaced de stone columns thereafter. Cette must be well-known that archaeologists oui found in this archaic temple a head de the statue du Hera, that was thé wife du Zeus et the goddess du marriage. This confirms this temple ont being the sapin to it is in dedicated venir Zeus nous this site.

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The Hellenistic Temple

In the 5th century BC the Eleans gained an important victory versus Pisa. To celebrate this victory, lock decide à build a nouveau temple instead ns the old one, cette is à this one that une makes referral when une talks about the statue ns Zeus. Auto architect to be Elon"s Libon that built ce with auto same Doric style oui the ahead one, but using various materials such ont limestone spanned with stucco. De using limestone et not marble ce avoided all problems de supply (marble quarries are rarement in Greece), transporté (transport compétence not being oui reliable ont a couple of centuries later), and (the hardness ns the rock is ideal pour strength, but not for carving in constant blocks or for carving). An exception however: auto roof cover which to be well marble.

This je was perfect in -457. It measured 64.12 m passant par 27.68 and was thé largest of all mainland Greece. Ce served à la worship until 397 AD, when the roman Emperor Theodosius promulgated thé banning de polytheistic cult and banned the Games. In auto 6th century AD ce suffered the torments of année earthquake et was totally destroyed. Forgotten, the je was buried par centuries ns silt deposits.

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The page? ˅ will be uncovered in thé nineteenth century de Richard Chandler, that will bring out 6 years du excavations. The emplacement will be excavated again indigenous 1936 to 1966.