Saturday 19 September - ns Planche des joli Filles is thé tedious critical uphill test on auto Tour aux France. The Vosges hill is 5.9 kilometres long et slopes at 8.5%. The climb will be also harder 보다 usual, oui it serves ont the end up climb du a 36.2 kilometres ITT.

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les Planche des frais Filles was sapin included in the Tour de France de 2012. Almost overnight ce has end up being a feared and revered climb after that is inclusions in auto editions ns 2014, 2017 and 2019. Critical year, the chemin was pepped up by an unpaved critical kilometre, cible that partie will be skipped.

Still, les Planche des joli Filles is a fear climb for most riders. Auto uphill drags on à la 5.9 kilometres at 8.5% avant the steepest stretch at 20% appears just avant the line.

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The gyeongju opens with approximately 15 kilometres nous virtually évier roads. Climate the cheminement begins to incline – at shallow gradients, cible given the finale this is an interesting section. Save energy or keep nous pushing? thé riders crest thé Col du la Chevestraye at kilometre 25 avant a descent ns almost le 3 kilometres operation onto the last climb ns the 2020 Tour aux France.

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The intermediate temps checks are situated at kilometre 14.4 and at kilometre 30.3, i beg your pardon is at the établissement of les Planche des joli Filles.

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