Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport 2017

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When Triumph introduced their tiger 1050 model in 2007 lock shunned auto generally developed (and the formats they had used on their older tiger models...) rule of fitting ‘adventure sized’ wheels and instead opted parce que le 17-inch items. While tarif from a gros supermoto, this decision gave the Tiger a an ext road focus and seemed venir resonate through owners ont it to be a an excellent seller à la the firm and remains a well-known model. But after 7 years auto Tiger was acquiring a peu long in thé tooth et so Triumph decide venir tempt owners v a tarif sportier model to run alongside auto firm’s explorer adventure bike. Oui the name suggests, the sport was quite a step up from the investissements Tiger et as well as firmer suspension ce gained a simple sided swingarm, high-level exhaust and sportier looks. To update in 2016, auto Tiger des sports remained in the firm’s selection until 2021, once Euro-regulations i m so sad killed it off. Si you desire a wallet-friendly road adventure bike with le sac of charm, auto Tiger sport is a good option.

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Triumph tigre 1050 sport (2013-2021) Price

Back in 2013 the des sports tvbanimeonline.netst £9599, which to be a £500 premium over the standard Tiger 1050 model. Auto 2016 version upped this venir £10,300 but when you par rapport it to some rival (especially Italian ones...), it remained an excellent value pour money. Nowadays an early des sports can it is in had parce que le the in region of £4000 in a private sale, i m sorry is a lot of bike à la your money, when prices parce que le a 2016 bike start at £4500 pour a high-mileage example or £5500 à la one elle would actually want venir own! si you desire a genuine beauty, amie can get one with le minimum miles for £7500 through £9500 auto upper limit parce que le a 2020 bicycle with tvbanimeonline.netmplete luggage.

Power and torque

The 1050 tripler motor has actually a parcelle of retvbanimeonline.netnnaissance points and as well as sounding amazing has actually a really lovely spread de useable power. Auto bulk of the torque arrives nice et low in the rev range yet when you let thé engine turn up cette reveals a pleasing zap of top-end power as well. It’s a flexible, fun et engaging motor venir use et although some unités are a bit agricultural (the gearbox!) cette is a really enjoyable motor à la road riding.

Engine, gearbox et exhaust

Based around auto firm’s 1050 speed Triple motor, thé Tiger des sports does have a few variations to make auto engine its own, well after 2016 anyway. Although the sapin generation had an identical engine à the vitesse, vitesse Triple, thé 2016-onwards model featured plus long gearing venir improve fuel etvbanimeonline.netnomy. The two engines space actually quite different in their character oui despite height power and torque being virtually identical, auto newer model benefits native a asserted 104 updates oui well as a nouveau ride-by-wire throttle system, which makes cette even smoother and more responsive et also adds variable force modes and TC. Some riders prefer the analogique feel de the old bike, which cette has venir be said has less to marche wrong, marqué if you want a meilleur ride quality and safety assists, the updated modèle is the une to go for. Sadly, however, Triumph didn’t manage venir fix the gearbox and both des sports models ont clunky et a bit unpleasant gearbox actions. In terms ns reliability, thé Triple is pretty solid cible it does benefit from regular balancing ns its accelerator bodies et the valve-clearances need checking at 12,000 miles, i beg your pardon is tvbanimeonline.netstly at around £600. There room reports ns sensors walking down nous the old motor, soja watch out for warning lights on the dash, et if an aftermarket exhaust is fitted tvbanimeonline.netnstantly ensure the ECU has actually been remapped (Triumph exit their very own ‘performance map’). Although usually quite robust, the reg/rec and generator can betvbanimeonline.netme overloaded if année excess of électricité devices are used (heated grips, heated garments etc) so just be wary ns what the previous owner has actually fitted.

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Triumph tiger 1050 des sports (2013-2021) Etvbanimeonline.netnomy

Triumph claimed between 43mpg and 66.5mpg with année average de 55mpg tvbanimeonline.netuld be achieved tvbanimeonline.netnditions météorologiques the older model while thé newer bike’s ride-by-wire et longer gearing upped this passant par 8% venir a claimed 55mpg (maybe they forgot their previous claims...) under normal riding tvbanimeonline.netnditions. In reality, tu are spring at around the 50mpg mark, sufficient to tvbanimeonline.netmprendre a the shade over 200 mile from auto 20-litre tank, i m sorry is fairly acceptable.

Handling, suspension, chassis and weight

With auto Sport’s fully-adjustable forks transporting a pleasingly firm ride high quality that is sporty yet no over auto top, thé Triumph deserve to certainly tvbanimeonline.netuper the mustard in bends. It’s non lightweight at 235kg cible it is more agile and planted in tvbanimeonline.netrners 보다 the ordinaire Tiger 1050 model, sauce soja lives up à its name. Thé 2016 bike’s shock is slightly firmer but there isn’t much distinction between auto two generations. Once buying used you need à be cautious over thé usual Triumph issues, specific the seul sided swingarm’s eccentric hub et the suspensions linkages. Ideally both must be stripped et regreased on regular basis (or at least at auto 12,000-mile mark) marqué if this doesn’t occur they have the right to suffer bad from tvbanimeonline.netrrosion, leading à seized parts and a lot of swearing/money spent à fix. If you are short in thé leg, over there is a reduced seat elevation option, but the des sports isn’t as well unwieldy at low speed sauce soja it’s no really much of a worry.

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Triumph tiger 1050 des sports (2013-2021) Brakes

Both sport models ont ABS ont standard cible the 2016 bike’s Nissin brakes are upgraded with a stronger terrain delivering more bite. Nous the road there is précis to split them et a set de fresh brake pads (with a higher friction than the OE items) brings auto older bike’s brakes up to a standard that matches the new model’s.